Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our first time at a playgroup.

Should I put that in their baby books????

Our first playgroup was today at a local fire station. The kids had a really good time. They got to see where the firemen eat, sleep, watch TV, do training, etc. They got to check out the fire engines, watch fireman Tim slide down the pole and at the very end they even got to see one of the trucks pull out heading to a fire. It was pretty cool. There were probably about 40 moms there and add in the kids with that then you have probably over a 100. It was madness for most of it. Kids running around, babies fussing, etc. I did talk to a couple of moms, but I didn't pick up any names or anything like that. It was just so crazy. I did run into a mom that I met while we were staying at the apartment. That was pretty crazy, small world I guess. Our next playgroup won't be until we get back from Alabama. I think it has to do with pony rides or something like that. I am going to try and find a play date (smaller group) at some point. Maybe once I get to know some of the moms a little better. But all in all it was a pretty good experience.


Kristine said...

Oh, how FUN! Ry would totally love that.

Stephanie said...

I bet the kids had a lot of fun! That sounds like a huge group, I'm sure it's almost impossible to really get to know anyone. I really need to look into playgroups around here as well.

Brandi said...

Glad to hear you all had fun. Wow 100 people is a lot. Our playgroup never has more than 50 people at a function. Home playdates are usually capped at 25 people. It's nice to keep it small. It gives the Moms a better chance to chat.

Bridgett said...

Wow...that is a lot of people!

I'm glad it was fun for you all though.

Love the picture of Nathan in his fire hat. :)

TnL's Mommy said...

I am glad to hear it went well! Sorry to hear that it was really big, that would not be easy for much conversation that is for sure. As long as the group was welcoming and the kids had fun!! Hope you are able to get to talk to some of them next time and make a smaller group.