Sunday, April 26, 2009

Race Weekend

I'm not a race fan. Living in a city that is only known for the race it puts on twice a year will do that.

Kent had to work security for it yesterday and today. Yesterday, Kent went and worked security.. and wouldn't you know it, Miss America was there. Not Miss USA, but Miss America. Yeah.. Kent got that wrong and totally asked her if she "was the one who won last week". Oh.. you are asking why Kent was talking to Miss America? Because he has to make small talk while he was taking a picture with her...

Pretty, isn't she? Yeah.. I totally didn't notice. ;o)

Later Kent came and got Jon Kent and took him back to the track with him to watch the race. Or at least the end of it. Kent let Jon Kent have a "Serra Mist". Later found out it was an energy drink. Kent said he thought it was a regular Serra Mist but later realized it wasn't.

Later would be when Jon Kent was bouncing off the walls and throwing himself against our headboard and laughing hysterically. Yeah... Daddy said (the older two spent the night with my parents) that Jon Kent literally passed out at 9:30pm and didn't wake up until 7:30am. Needless to say.. no more energy drinks.

I wish I would have gotten Jon Kent on video telling about what he saw at the race. For one, he was talking really fast. And two, he was overly dramatic about it all. It was really funny. He had a really good time at the track. I'm glad he got to do it at least once before we leave.

While I don't technically support any driver, I do act like I like Jeff Gordon to get on my husband's nerves.. since he likes Dale Jr. He apparently took a picture of something or another of Jeff Gordon with his camera. Aww, he was thinking of me...


Now I'm off to stare at my sleeping husband who is totally sunburned. He has a farmer's tan (burn) and even has sock lines. Let me go snap a picture and show you.

Can you say, "Ouch"?


Bridgett said...

OUCH! That sunburn looks killer. Bring out the aloe!

That Miss America is gorgeous...sorry Em. LOL


Tricia said...

Ouch on the sunburn. I got a nice one too, when we went to the races in Fontana.
Did you go to today's race? What a race and sad SO MANY cars were pulled from the race from the crahses. Felt bad for Carl Edwards too. Sigh.

Bernadette said...

LOL..did he fall asleep with the remote in his hand?! :)

Chris loves Jr too. I'm like you, could care less but had to pick a driver, I picked Mark Martin when he drove the Viagra car ;)

We have race weekends here in Richmond too. Gets crazy!..and Chris' bar gets packed.

Hurricane Heather said...

I am soooo jealous!
I wasn't a race fan until my husband took me to a race.
That was NINE years ago.
I am hooked for life.
And how DARE you pretend to be a Jeff Gordon fan....soooo mean to your husband!

Kristine said...

Ouch...looks painful.

Karen said...

Ouchie Sunburn! I can only imagine how Jk was after that drink! Justin would have been bouncing off the walls too!