Thursday, April 2, 2009

Randomly writing.

Us moving still hasn't fully hit me. I woke up this morning and was coming out of my sleeping fog and the thought popped in my head.. "We're moving." And honestly, my heart didn't sink. It didn't feel real. However, I did tear up last night going to school. I got to thinking about how Granny and Pops just bought Nathan a car seat to go in their car so they can take all 3 of the kids with them sometimes. It made me sad that they wouldn't get to use it as often as they first intended. Made me sad.

It's thundering. Storms are supposed to start rolling in this afternoon with a good chance of tornadoes. I hope class is canceled. I do not want to be piled in a tiny room with a bunch of strangers. I rather be piled up in a basement with my kids.

Nathan woke up last night SCREAMING. Like the kind of screaming that makes you want to pull your eardrums out and go throw yourself out a window. After I finally got him to sleep it took me almost two hours to fall back to sleep. Needless to say it was really hard getting up this morning.

I took the kids back to the reading hour at the library. They actually danced a little bit today. I was proud. Nathan wanted to get down and be a big kid too, but he was more about bothering everyone else. He wasn't happy that I held him most of the time. Then, after it was over, we checked out 3 books. One of which is about moving.

Speaking of moving, again, I have casually been talking to the kids about it. And so far they aren't thrilled with the idea. "I like my house. I don't want a new home. I like my room because it's pink. I want to move this house with us. I don't want my own room. I want to stay here." So yeah, it's not going so well. They will adjust.. I'm sure of it. It's not like it's their senior year in high school and we are plucking them up and moving across country.. right?

Still thundering.

I think my kids are done with their lunch. Nap time.

Kent was supposed to be home at 1pm, but he is having to work over because an inmate needs surgery. Bladder stones or something. Kent said it looked painful.

Going now. Sorry for all my randomness. Sometimes it's just good to wander around in thought.


Bridgett said...

They're so young, I have no doubt they'll adjust like champs to the move. Probably better than mommy and daddy will.

But South Carolina is a really beautiful state. I bet you'll be happy there.

The storms are heading our way tomorrow..unfortunately.

I'm having a garage sale. I suspect I won't be making much money. ::sigh::


Christy said...

The kids will adjust, it'll be rough at first, but once you're settled and introduce them to a new schedule, places. Find a new church home, etc.

Bernadette said...

Moving?! ....that's exciting. And since I'm a list person too, I'm sure it's a bit nervewracking!

I've heard folks say that they got their kids new stuff for their room when they moved to make it exciting. Like those wall stickers or things they can hang up when they move in. Heck, I like getting new stuff when I move too, makes me do a little happy dance to hang new curtains ;)

The rain has hit here! It's awful!