Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yay and Grumble

I didn't really want to add another post today because it's the baby boy's birthday and it should be all about him. However, he is asleep so he won't know any better. I'll even throw in a picture of his first birthday (actually ON his birthday) candle.Now.. are we good?

Moving on..

We got some more information today about the job transition. Kent will get the grade increase. He qualified for 3 different grades (GS-5,7 &9), but we didn't know which he would get. Each comes with a pay increase but the latter comes with the bigger pay increase and that is what he got. Yay!

Kent also got assigned his counselor who will be helping us get everything in order for the move. She will be able to answer the many, many, many questions we have. Yay!

She wasn't in the office today. Grumble.

But she will be there tomorrow. So hopefully Kent can touch base with her. Yay!

I've been searching through homes for sale. I enjoy it. I really do. But like I was telling my daddy.. right now it just seems like pretending. That it doesn't seem real because all I'm doing is looking. And even that is only through on-line. I can't fully see all the rooms or know exactly how everything be laid out. So, in some sense I feel like I'm wasting my time. Grumble.

Overall we are slowly.. slowly.. ever so slowly making progress. So.. yay?


Bernadette said...

Yay! for the increase Kent got. That's great news.

Just think of the house hunting right now as research. When we were buying I would look up all of the school districts, crime rates, shopping, local activities and libraries. That helped narrow down the area I wanted to find a house in.

I wish y'all lots of good luck with the transition!

Kristine said...

Glad your enjoying the house hunt. And congrats to Kent! What an adorable pic!

Bridgett said...

Pay raises are wonderful! Yay for progress...even if it is slow-going.


TnL's Mommy said...

Congrats to Kent on his increase!!! Those are always nice....LOL

Remember you can email me and I will give any advice I can...and I am serious about willing to help however I can!