Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The stool

***Edited to add a picture***

Everyday in some small way I try to talk to the kids about us moving. Like what color do they want their rooms. Or what kind of house do they want. I usually get the usual responses of, "I want a house just like ours. I want stars in my sky, just like now. I want my room to be pink/blue." Today Zoey was a bit sad looking and I asked her what was wrong.

Zoey: Will there be toys there?
Me: Yes. We're going to take all your toys with us. Your bed and clothes too.
Zoey: Oh! Thanks, Mommy!
Me: No problem. I do what I can.
Zoey: Can the stove go too?
Me: Well that depends. If the new house has a better one we'll leave ours here.
Zoey: What about the stool?
Me: What stool?
Zoey: Our time-out stool. It has to go or I won't have no where to sit.

This is the stool. Zoey was almost 2 in the picture. The stool has been used well.


Stephanie said...


Bridgett said...

Oh my. ::giggling:: I think Autumn and Zoey would be the best of friends. LOL


TnL's Mommy said...

That is so cute!! Kids are so honest.

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

that is priceless!!

Karen said...

LOL, she's too funny!!!

Bernadette said...

That's just too cute :)