Friday, April 10, 2009

This and That with Pictures

Not a whole lot to talk about. A lot of behind the scenes stuff is happening.. with the move and all. But nothing that is interesting or earth shattering. We had a date to go house hunting the 17th-23rd of May, but Kent's little brother's high school graduation is the 19th so we are going to put it off to the very end of May or first of June. Everything else is going very slowly. I'm sure it will start to snowball before we know it and our heads will be spinning.

The kids had a game last night. I left class early so I could actually seem them play more than a minute. I took a few pictures. As you can see...

Today we had some storms come through that had tornadoes in them. Just another day in Alabama. We just had a bad thunderstorm that gave us some hail. Biggest I've ever seen. I tried to take some pictures of it, but I'm not sure how clear they are. The size of the hail was about 2 inches or so.

Tomorrow we have a Easter egghunt to attend at Kent's work. Hopefully the kids will have a good time and I'll get some good pictures of them. Have a good weekend everyone.


Bernadette said...

haha, i love that last photo of Jon Kent. That's one of those photos that you could have captions for.

I hope y'all have a very Happy Easter!

Karen said...

Cutest little T-Ball players ever!

Bridgett said...

They're so cute in their little uniforms. :)

And geesh! That is the biggest hail I've ever seen!