Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My momma is so NOT cool

Hey all. This is Nathan. I'm going to make this quick. I'm supposed to be napping and my momma is currently throwing some clothes in the washing machine. Which that thing is so cool. Momma lets me throw clothes in there sometimes and it's just the best. She thinks I'm cute when I do it, but not when I throw clothes in the toilet. What is up with that? Anyway, I just wanted to write in here really quickly how my momma is not cool. She is the opposite of cool, whatever that is. She is sooooo NOT cool. Why? Well, let me just SHOW you!

OK, let's go over a few things. 1) The last time I checked, which was just awhile a go when momma changed my diaper, I was not a girl. Trust me.. my little *ahem* BIG boyhood is still there. I make sure to grab it allll the time just to make sure I haven't lost it. 2) My hair is no where near long enough to throw into a ponytail. And why is it called a ponytail? I'm no pony! 3) Lastly, I didn't even realize she did it to me. She just let me walk around the house and be ridiculed by my siblings. Really, what kind of mother does that? A not cool one.. that's for sure.

Ut-oh, she's coming back. Gotta go. And shhhhh! I was never here!


Stephanie said...

But Nathan, you look so cute! I think it's a good look for you.

Mc Allen said...

Your so pretty and I just love your blogging!! I also love that post, I lol!!! ♥ LA

Bridgett said...'re handsome no matter what.

And your mom? She's not so bad. :D

Enjoy your ponytail! LOL


Karen said...

hehehe...I've done the same thing to my Nathan!