Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No kissy-kissy with the pig

I'm sure we have all heard about the swine flu that is seemingly spreading up from Mexico. And has been found all over the globe. With each passing day, more reports of people who have died from it and who have been hospitalized with it. Dozens every day are dying in Mexico, while dozens here are coming down with a "mild" form of it. So, who is worried? I'm not worried.. yet. It seems like, for now, things are under control. I'm trying to remind myself and the kids to wash, wash, wash our hands. Especially if we have been out in a public place. It just seems like once we figure out how to handle one disease or virus another comes along. So far Alabama hasn't had any reports of swine flu. And I don't believe South Carolina has, but don't quote me on that. It was "funny" though that on last night's news there was a reporter waiting for a group of high school band students to get off their bus so they could talk with them because "they have just arrived home from Mexico". Really.. really? Do you think it was the wisest thing to do.. not trying to be too paranoid but at least be somewhat cautious. I don't know. I was just wondering what everyone else's take on it was.


Karen said...

I'm not worried about it yet. Even though Florida did just get it's first confirmed case in Orlando. We'll take precautions with extra hand washing and such, but nothing else unless it really hit close to home and we're told to do more. Mike thinks it's like SARS and Bird Flu that got everyone all worried and now they are things in the past.

Bridgett said...

I actually just wrote a post about this on my Holistic blog. If you'd like, you can read it here:



Christy said...

I'll just comment on the report, some people are just seriously "stupid". Ok...done! lol