Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feeling better about my muscles..

Well.. not exactly my muscles but the muscles I have to learn for my lab test.. which is Thursday.. this Thursday.

I have roughly 12 pages that I need to memorize and I memorized (at least for now) 5 of those pages tonight. So, I have 4 more nights of studying and if I memorize and rememorize the rest of it and the first of it (confused yet?) then I should be good. Should.

Once this lab test is over with I will be able to breathe a bit better. I will still have my A&P finals, but I'm not too worried over it. And psychology.. pfffftttt. She says some of us (hopefully me!!!!) might be exempt from the test. Here's a hopin'!!!!

Then after all that is done I will let out a HUGE sigh of relief.. at least until I remember that I still have to pack up my whole house and move two states over. I'm still thinking it hasn't fully hit me yet. Crazy, I know.

Kent's new boss has graciously extended an invitation for us to drive up there one Saturday and spend the day with his family and they show us the town and all the different subdivisions before we meet with the realtor. He said we could stay with them that night as well. That way we would have a better idea of the area before getting into the death grip of a greedy realtor (I'm only sorta kidding.. ;o) ). I thought it was pretty nice of him. But I'm feeling a bit awkward. I don't do strangers.. meaning I'm very shy and it takes me awhile to warm up to people. Even if I have known you for years.. if I don't talk to you regularly (minus my one friend who I have known since 2nd grade.. we can go weeks without talking and then pick up right were we left off) then I have to rewarm up to you.. it's stupid and crazy and I totally need to grow out of it.. but so far.. haven't figured out how to. ANYWAY, I'm hoping I don't make a fool out of myself or my husband. I think sometimes people think I'm stuck up.. which I totally am not.. but it just comes off that way because I don't know what to say in many social situations.. and since I don't know what to say.. I just don't say anything at all. So yeah.. I can see where people would think I'm stuck up.

Eh, anyway.. random post.. I know and I have a whole lot of "...'s" in here as well. Hmm.. I wonder why I do that???


Bridgett said...

I still remember learning the muscles...only I had to do it on a cadaver. ::sigh::

It wasn't fun. I feel for you.

What a great offer Kent's new boss made! That's really sweet of him.

And I bet you do just fine with them.

Me? I don't think I've ever met a stranger. Trust me, nursing will cure you of any shyness. You don't have a choice but to talk to your patients and their families. :)


Bernadette said...

no, not stuck up...aloof maybe...but I get no stuck up vibe from you whatsoever. I think that a little aloof is a good thing. I do a lot of 'observing' in my relationships and I think I have a tendency to come off the same way. But a lot of my girlfriends are like that these days, we hang out and then don't talk for weeks and pick back up where we were. It seems to get more common as we all get older and our life dynamics change.

I think it's great that you'll get to see the area before meeting the realtor...someone who knows the 'lay of the land', they'll know the good school districts and good neighborhoods.

Best of luck with memorizing the muscles and acing the lab :)

Karen said...

You and I are a lot alike personality wise. You pretty much described me to a T!