Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nathan's 1st Birthday Party

The Birthday Boy

It was a success. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had good food, good cake and Nathan was spoiled. Whenever someone asked us what he wanted I said clothes. And that's exactly what he got. 6 dress shirts, 10 t-shirts and 14 pairs of shorts. That boy is set for the summer. He also got a few toys and a Build-a-Bear monkey. Out of all our kids Nathan did the best job digging into his cake. Once his hands were good and covered he decided he would do patty cake and roll 'em up. Icing went every where. So cute. After eating and opening presents everyone went outside for rides on the 4-wheeler and to play in the yard. Nathan played in his new sandbox that we got him for his birthday and played on the swing set. Zoey is very appreciative of his sandbox because that girl loves to get dirty! After everyone left Nathan got a bath and was soon out cold. He played hard today! Still so hard to believe that he is one (almost.. only 3 more days until he really is!). Enjoy the pictures, there's a lot of 'em!
Party favors for the kids and Thank-you cards with a picture of Nathan inside for the adults.
Checking out his chicken bites.
The kids' "table".
Let the fun begin!
Time to get all cleaned up!
Jon Kent and Zoey decided Nathan needed help opening his gifts.
Build-A-Bear Monkey from Nathan's Aunt Kerith.
For each of the kids' first birthday she always gets them a Build-A-Bear animal.
Tons of clothes from the grands and great grants and Aunt Ashley, Uncle Jon Paul and Jon Wesley.
Sandbox with toys from us.
The whole gang (almost) outside.
Aunt Kerith in the swing, my mom over to the left of Kerith, Pops and my daddy off to far top left. Kent's parents (Mimi and Papa) sitting at the picnic table and the blurry boy in white is Uncle Seth.

My grandmother (Nathan's great grandmother)

Kent's grandmother (Nathan's great grandmother)
Left: Kent's grandfather (Nate's great grandfather)
Right: My daddy (Nate's Poohba)
My brother, Uncle Jon Paul with Nate and my momma (Nate's Gramsie) in the background.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!


Megan said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday, Nathan. :-)

TnL's Mommy said...

That looks like alot of fun! Glad it all went over well and Nathan had a good time!

Kim said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!

Brandi said...

I'm happy that Nathan's 1st Birthday party was a success. Ryan got that same sandbox for his 1st birthday and 3 years later still loves to play in it :)

Brittney said...

Hey Emily! This is Brittney, your cousin-in-law (is that a true relative title?)... anyway, I have kept up with your blog for a while now, and I'm finally speaking up! Congratulations on the move... that is so exciting! Where is it at in SC?

Well, Nathan seemed to have a great 1st birthday. All the kids are so adorable- y'all are very blessed :)

Talk to you later and probably see you at some point,


Terri said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

Great pics..he got alot of nice gifts!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! Glad his party was great! He got some great stuff for sure! I always tell everyone to get the boys clothes too!

Bridgett said...

I just love the little outfit you ordered him for his birthday. That is too cute.

Looks like he had so much fun! Neither of my kids really dug into the cake much either, but Nathan sure went to town! LOL

And all those clothes! Oh my goodness!


Bernadette said...

Happy First Birthday Nathan!

The cake pictures are great :) ..and the personalized shirt looks so cute!