Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It really is true..

The more kids you have the less you do for the last one. More pictures of the first. More details of their babyhood for the first. The second, there are still tons of pictures just not as many with them alone. Still able to keep up the baby book but the little details aren't there. The third one comes along and there are still pictures but rarely one where the third is alone. The baby book is still be kept but just the bare essential details are kept up with.

I made a point to keep baby books for all the kids. And I think I've done a good job of keeping them all up to date. They each have their own baby photo books too, that I keep separate until they are a year and then any photos taken afterwards go into the "mixed family" photo album. But I have slacked in one department and that is their baby memories box. I swear I made up Jon Kent's box before he was born. It's filled with his coming home outfit, his dedication outfit, decorations (balloons, ribbons, etc.) from the hospital, his first drawings, etc. I made Zoey's box up a few months after she was born. And it is filled with likings of her older brother's box. But poor Nathan.. he hasn't had a box. All his special memories and treasure have been in the top of my closet in a baby shower gift bag... until today. Finally.. FINALLY I made his box and it is now filled and is up to date. It only took me one year and 1 week. But shhhh.. he never has to know.

Speaking of Nathan.. I sent in his 1st birthday picture of him eating cake to the local news station and he was on the news this morning. I was so proud. I recorded it and have already rewatched it. It's just a boastful moment for this momma. Also, Nathan had his one year check-up yesterday. All is well. He was 23 pounds, 2 ounces and 29 inches long. He was average in all categories. We are supposed to go back at 15 months, but we won't be here.. so I'm hoping we have all their medical records forwarded to a new pediatrician by that point.

In moving news.. The ball is starting to roll and starting to pick up speed. We are in talks with relocation people and trying to set up real estate agents, mortgage companies, etc. We have to choose from a list of people that we want. I believe in the next 48 hours we are supposed to have our agent and things will start to pick up. There are few minor repairs we want to do before we get the house appraised. We want to update one light in the kitchen (have already updated two others in there), fix two spots in our vinyl siding, replace the porch light with a new one, recalk the master bath and do some touch up painting. We hope to have all this done soon. The weather is supposed to be nice this week until the weekend, so hopefully we will get that done. We are looking at going house hunting May 31-June 6. We are mainly going to check out neighborhoods and try to find a nice one to either move into a house or build one. The first thing on my list of stuff to do is find a new pediatrician for the kids. We have a great one now and I really wish we could just box her up and take her with us. I'm hoping we find another good one. I'm also hoping we find a good church home to become a part of. Kent's boss (from what I've gathered) seems to be a Christian, so I'm hoping he can point us in the right direction.

I've rambled enough. I'm sure before this is all said and done, y'all will have gotten quite tired of all my moving talk. ;o)


gina said...

Just a little hint on the medical records, do yourself a favor and make sure you get copies of the kids shot records and growth charts and other really important stuff, just cause it can take forever for the records to get transfered. Just in case you need them, you'll have a copy on hand. Trust me I learned the hard way. Sounds like everything is moving along smoothly.

Kristine said...

How cool little man was on tv! I've been pretty good with keeping up with stuff for Maddie but maybe it would be a different story if I had three. (Although, I slacked quite a bit on both of their baby books, lol. :X)

Bridgett said...

I agree...I wasn't nearly as diligent about Autumn's baby book as I was Parker's. But she still probably has more pictures than him because he hates having his picture taken. :)

Wow! Nathan was on TV. That's very cool. You'll have to show it to him one day.