Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a day

I'm tired. Seriously. I don't know when the last time I was this physically tired. It's a good tired though. So today went a little something like this:

*5:45am- Nathan wakes up and is hungry. So I feed him.
*6:00am- Zoey gets up and gets in the bed with Nate and me to snuggle.
*6:15am- Jon Kent is up.
*7:00am- I start washing clothes.
*7:45am- Cook and eat breakfast.
*8:15am- Put another load of clothes in the wash while the first one dries.
*8:30am- We do "school" and follow that up with four books that we checked out at the library.
*9:00am- Fold dry clothes, throw 2nd load in dryer and another load in the washer.
*9:30am- Head outside to play for a bit. Take several pictures.

This is a hole that a bumble bee is eating/digging through the play set. It is also the one or type of one that stung Zoey yesterday.

The "mess" that it is making in the process. Thankfully Kent took care of it, we hope.

I just thought this was a funny picture of Zoey.

This is a picture of Nathan.. with a mouth full of rocks. Yes, rocks.

This is Nathan mad after being rid of all rocks from his mouth.

Now we are happy again. The mood swings this boy goes through in a matter of minutes..

Jon Kent looks so grown when compared to his little brother. His little brother doesn't seem so sure of his current passenger.

This looks like a seemingly normal picture. However, Nathan got to that spot all by himself. Talk about having a heart attack watching him do it.. I had a couple.

Lastly, this is Nathan cheesing it up before being dragged inside for nap time.

*10:30am- Put Nathan down for a nap. Fold clothes and put last load in dryer.
*11:00am- Fix lunch. Turkey sandwiches.
*11:30am- Clean kitchen, sweep and mop. Clean foyer, sweep and mop. Clean bathrooms and sweep and mop.
*12:30pm- Nathan is up. Feed him lunch. Fold last load of clothes.
*1:oopm- Toy pick up time for all small O'villers.
*1:30pm- Back outside to play.
*2:00pm- Kent's grandparents pick the kids up to go to the park.
*2:15pm- Go to workout. Walk/run 1.25 miles. Then light weight train.
*3:00pm- Head to my parents and then home.
*4:00pm- Quick shower and then start supper.
*5:00pm- Sit down with family and eat.
*5:45pm- Kids and hubs head off to church.
*6:05pm- I head off to what I hope is my last night of class.
*6:30pm- Finish up what I hope is my last test in Psychology.
*6:35pm- Find out if I am exempt from my final.
Oh yeah.. I'm exempt. She dropped my "lowest test score". Woot-woot!

*6:45pm- Get home and iron Kent's uniforms.
*7:20pm- Kids and hubs arrive home. Kent takes care of bees and the kids enjoy a small snack.
*8:00pm- Kids get a bath and get ready for bed.
*8:15pm- Kids are snug in bed.
*8:45pm- I'm here blogging.
So there is my day. Tomorrow should be pretty mellow. No housework or laundry to do. Just enjoy the kids and enjoy playing outside. And maybe another workout. Oh and the kids' game. Besides all that.. not a lot. ;o)


Stephanie said...

I desperately want to be that productive.

TnL's Mommy said...

K how do you get so much accomplished in one day? I try to get half that done and I only have 2 kids! I admire you!!

Congrats on your grades and being exempt!! It will be a relief to have those classes behind you I am sure!!

Kristine said...

You don't have enough to do girlie!

Karen said...

I'm tired just reading it all!

My Nathan likes to eat dirt...we always find him with a face full of dirt when we go outside.

Congrats on being exempt on the exam! One less thing to worry about!

Bridgett said...

The life of a mommy. Isn't it grand? LOL

I seriously got tired reading that. I kid not.

CONGRATS on your exemption!! No surprise though. ;)