Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running Thoughts

Be warned.. this will be very random.

I had a psychology test this evening. I think it went well. I got there at like 6:20 and was out of there at 6:30. Only 2 more classes in there and then the final. Woot!

Nathan has been running a low grade fever since last night. No higher than 100.5. I've been letting it run it's course only giving Motrin right before bedtime. He has loved the fact that he has been able to run around in only his diaper. He and daddy got to stay home alone tonight while I went to class and Jon Kent and Zoey went to church.

I ran through Wal-Mart after class. Had to get milk. We buy two gallons at a time because the kids LOVE milk. We have been through 3 gallons since this weekend. We usually go through 7 gallons of milk in two weeks.

The race is here this weekend. Which meant there were race fans shopping and stocking up on their beer. Just another pro to add to the list of why moving is going to be good for us. No more race fans.

I've studied and restudied for my A&P lab test. It's tomorrow by the way. I know all the lab sheets. I'm hoping to know it when it's actually on the model. Goodness knows things look one way on the paper and another on the model. We'll see how it does. The test is at 5. Gives me an extra hour to study, I guess.

The second realtor called today. We have to have two come by, look the house over and send in a report to the relocation company. Then we can choose who we want to sell our house. This realtor is already on our "not going to happen" list. First of all, it's taken them well over a week to contact us. The first realtor contacted us almost immediately after being notified. Then this realtor calls today and asked, "Can I speak to Jason?". Kent said, "You mean Jonathan?" (Kent's first name is Jonathan). The guy was like, "Oh yeah, I mean Jonathan". Jason is actually our relocation person or another. Forget exactly his title. But he was the one who called the realtors to let them know we were selling. I think he had to recall this realtor to remind them to contact us. So needless to say, this realtor probably won't be our pick. Unless he just blows us away come Friday. Which, by the way, Friday they are coming to talk with us and for us to show them the house. Which means another fitful cleaning on my part. I'm not going to go all out, like I did for Monday's appointment. The house is basically clean already, just need to straighten up and vacuum. Maybe dust.

Things are moving along for the moving stuff. It's crazy how much it is going to cost to just move us. Not including if the government has to buy our house. Roughly $75,000. And like I said, that's not including if they buy our house. Crazy, ain't it! The bad part of it is, is that it will go on our taxes as income. So we have to pay taxes on it. But we believe they take some taxes out on our per diem. We think.. hope. Or else come the end of the year we will be hurting. The pest control people came today to look at our house and make sure we weren't infested with pest or something. I wasn't here because they were running ahead of schedule and came around 3:30pm when they were supposed to come around 5pm. Kent's momma showed them around, I believe. But they left without saying anything. So hopefully that is a good sign. We had to choose our moving company. We went with North American. Kent heard good things about them from some coworkers who used them when they moved. Hopefully they will do a good job of packing, storing and unpacking.

I ordered 197 prints from Shutterfly last night. I did a prepaid thing for 200 pictures for $20. I had up to two years to use it. Totally already used it.. lol. They also have a $60 plan for 600 pictures. So 10 cents a piece, basically. I usually use Wal-Mart, but they lost a set of pictures back in January and still haven't found and returned them. Totally ticks me off. Anyway, these pictures are from back in September until now. Sad ain't it...

Starting tomorrow the weather here is supposed to be in the 80s. Woot!!! Love warm weather! LOVE IT! Can't wait to start doing stuff outside. We are thinking about taking at least Jon Kent to an SEC College baseball game in May. I want to take the kids (Jon Kent and Zoey) to a little country type water park near by. And maybe even to Six Flags. We also are planning a vacation to the beach at some point. Not sure exactly when because of all this moving stuff. Lots of fun stuff to do for sure. Kent has to work the race this weekend and he is thinking about picking Jon Kent right up before the Saturday race and taking him back to watch it. Jon Kent would love it!

OK, I have totally rambled on and on. Need to wrap this up. Tomorrow is library day with the kids and then hopefully we will be outside for the rest of the day, minus nap time. Later y'all!


Bridgett said...

Good luck on your test tomorrow!

And OUCH on how much it costs to move you. Wow. That really surprises me. I don't know WHY it surprises me. But it does.


Christy said...

You have lots going on girl!!! We've moved multiple times so I know the unpleasantness of that in general, thankfully we didn't have to deal with selling a house.

I use snapfish, they charge 9 cents per picture and you can do the prepaid thing too and it's even cheaper, I believe it's something like 7.2 cents a photo then.

Sounds like your get aways and vacation will be fun!!!!!!!