Friday, January 9, 2009

Grow Some Wings -or- How to get to Heaven

The kids and I were outside swinging. I was pushing Jon Kent and Zoey and they were just chatting randomly with me. Jon Kent says, "Don't push me so high that I go to heaven." Zoey chimes in, "Momma can you swing me to heaven?" "No, I say, you can't get to heaven by swinging, you have to ask Jesus to come live in your heart." "Oh. So God has to live in my, my, my, my, my heart and I can go to heaven?" "Yep, that's right sweetie", I say. So then she breaks out into a random song of God living in her heart and getting to go to heaven. She sang it for quite sometime. A few minutes went by and Kent's grandparents came to the house. We were all still outside swinging and Zoey told Granny that if she wanted to go to heaven that God (she hasn't quite got the concept of God and then God's Son Jesus.. They all are just God to her.. which technically is right.. but I don't think there is enough room to even try to explain the Trinity.. if I even could.. I digress...) had to live in her heart. Granny agreed and then Zoey said.. "And when God lives in your heart you can grow wings and go to heaven... but, but, but, but, but your pony also has to grow wings too so you can ride him to heaven."

I'm glad she cleared that up for us.
I think Nathan is no more than a month away from walking. *sigh* Yes, I do believe we are nearing that point. Today he would stand himself up and then let go (purposefully) to standing alone. He even at one point let go and tried his hardest to move his little, chubby legs. But plopped right down on his baby booty. And was he mad.. Oh my dear was he mad. You can tell he wants to do it so badly. He watches the kids and sees them walking on two legs and he just wants to do it. But so far.. nothing. In due time my son.. in due time.

But he is climbing. The other day I saw him standing on the kids' stool they use to stand on to reach the sink. He crawled his way up the stool and was just standing there holding onto the cabinet. I was like.. "what!?!!" And tonight we were at Kent's grandparents' house and they have a huge set of stairs.. and the little booger crawled all the way up them (with me right behind him). When he reached the top he crawled around, sat down and just smiled. He thought he was the stuff. And he was.

Nathan is definitely teething. When he is nursing he bites. And he only does this when he is teething. So yeah.. I have been bit numerous times over the last day or two. He gets his firm warnings and his nose "popped" (more like a tap) and then he gets unlatched. So he only does it a few times. Here's hoping the tooth comes in soon. Being bit isn't fun to begin with.. but being bit on the nipple.. hmm.. even less fun.

Well, I'm off to study.. got 3 more pages of notes to reread.. and try to retain. So far I'm finding some interesting things. I'm going back over the notes and then reading along in the book (which my instructor doesn't do.. we just do notes...) and I'm finding that I'm learning more that way. I hope to be able to keep doing it.. hopefully we won't get so far ahead in our notes that it becomes too hard for me to be able to go back over the notes with the book. We'll see!


Junita said...

What a sweet story from your kids! And ponies are always important.
Monkey is doing the same exact think, but he doesn't have standing quite down!

Terri said...

Awww..that little convo was precious!!!


Bridgett said...

Awww..what a sweet conversation with the kids. :)

Sorry you're nipples are sore. Oy. :(


Karen said...

Aww, Zoey sounds like such a sweet little girl!

Christy said...

Too cute! :)

I know all about teething and biting. Emma's getting all 4 molars in right now, but amazingly has not bit me once, just wants to nurse more often!

I tried to keep her (and my older children when it was them) as numb as possible to help that pain, but there's nothing better for the pain than Momma's milk! :)

Hoping that tooth pops through soon, or already has!