Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day for history

Over the last 5 hours I have watched one president leave office and another take it. With each man handling the transition with grace. With a politeness. How I wish our whole country could do the same.

President Obama, you have just taken office to a country that is at it's lowest point. We are on the brink of shattering to a thousand pieces. Please, Mr. President do what is best for this country. Do what is right. Take the road less traveled. Please realize that one day, as we all will, you will stand before God Almighty and be judged by how you handled yourself. How you ran this race. Please, Mr. President don't allow any party's policies to cloud your sense of judgement.. to deafen the still small voice that is telling you what is right.

Mr. President you and your family will be in my prayers day in and day out. You will need them as you take this journey.

May God have mercy on our country. May His hand not leave us. God, please, bless America.

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Stephanie said...

You and I may have differing political views, but I agreed with every word of that. Great post.