Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh dear. Take Two

OK, so my day got better. It usually does. Thanks to my husband. He is a great listener. And when he comes home from work it just seems.. better. Weird. Pathetic to some.. but he is truly my rock here on earth. I love him for it.

OK, so in my last post I failed to mention that I'm also totally freaking out about going back to school. I am indeed going back now. We figured it up, if Kent gets the job, that we won't have to move until the middle or end of May. So, I could at least do this one semester and then if we don't end up moving I'm still on track. So with that, I'm going to register Monday. And I'm totally freaking out about it. I know this would be a good thing. And we would benefit so much from it once I'm done. But in the mean time.. it just seems so hard to put myself first. To tell my family, "well it's time for momma to do this.. so we may have to put *whatever* on the back burner." Does that make any sense? I don't know. I'm just the type person that likes to be completely prepared for everything. I like to know each step that I need to do, so I can do it right. With this.. I feel like I'm just blindly walking around. Please pray that I can just have some peace about this. I could really use it.
I gained 3 pounds over Christmas. I was a bit worried about it. Fearing it was certainly my start to gaining again. But thankfully.. (yay breastfeeding!!) I have since gone back to my original weight. Whew.
Nathan ate a ton tonight for supper. A ton!! He ate jarred sweet potatoes (he seems to only like this one jarred baby food.. the rest.. not a chance), real (table food) green beans and corn and then he ate some puffs and had 1/4 of a mashed up banana. He was a happy little pig.

Well, it's bath time around here. Gotta get my 3 little pigs cleaned and ready for bed!


Karen said...

Taking that first leap and actually starting classes is one of the hardest parts...after awhile you get into a routine and things will just flow. Some parts are sucky, but you get through them and just keep trecking on thinking only of the bigger picture and that you are doing this to better yourself and your family. Loads of thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Kristine said...

You'll do great going back to school. Good luck with it!

Bridgett said...

Try and look at the schooling as a positive experience for your whole family. The end result will benefit not just you...but all of them too.

You're wanting to go to nursing school, right?

I won't lie. It's tedious. But it's doable. Most of the women in my class with me (back in '98 when I graduated), were married with families.

You'll do wonderfull. Don't doubt it.

BTW, I know what you mean when you say your day gets better when your husband arrives home. Mine too. (When my husband arrives home...not yours. LOL)


TnL's Mommy said...

Hugs to you Emily!! You will be fine, like Karen said getting started is the hardest part then once you get a routine it will flow so much easier. I will keep praying for you and thinking of you!! I will pray also for Nathan to sleep better at night, that would be such a blessing especially with school starting. You are one awesome mom & wife that I look up to!! Hugs to you!!