Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm not bragging..

8:30pm-11:00pm: Sleeping.
11:01-11:02pm: Woke up but put self back to sleep.
11:02pm-1:30am: Sleeping.
1:30-1:40am: Middle of the night snack.
1:40am-7am: Sleeping.

Yes, my dear friends. It was a night of rest in the O'viller household.

But I'm totally not bragging.


Bridgett said...


Kristine said...

That is awesome!!! Maybe someday, this will be me, lmao!

Brandi said...

woohoo great job Nathan :)

Karen said...

Fantastic! Keep it up Nathan!

Janis said...

How wonderful for you! You must feel better after getting some sleep!