Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday, so that means it time for MckMama's weekly carnival of Not Me! Monday. So here is what I did not do, under any circumstance, no matter who tells you otherwise, this week.

I did not watch my beautiful, well mannered daughter pick Nathan's nose and then eat what she found.

I also did not laugh at it either.

I did not forget the camera, again, when heading to Jon Kent's basketball game. I am more organized than that!

I did not get giddy at the thought of having my bedroom back to being just my bedroom after moving Nathan to Jon Kent's room. That would be mean and unmotherly.

I did not have a mental breakdown while rearranging all the kids' room on Saturday. And since I did not have the breakdown I also did not sling toys around while proclaiming that they had too much junk and there were kids who had nothing and would love to have just one of the many of toys that they had.

I am not procrastinating filling out my nursing applications by doing this instead.

I am not procrastinating starting supper by doing this instead.

I am not procrastinating studying by doing this instead.

What? I'm not.

So.. what did you not do this week?


Wayne said...

Great not me monday, I thought your not me's were really good

Christy said...

I did not just gag a little over the nose picking and eating ordeal in your home! LOL

Janis said...

lol -- too funny!

Have a great week!


Bridgett said...

Ewww! Boogers!

I'll never forget the first time I saw Parker do that.

I was like, "Really? But...really?"

Thankfully, Autumn won't even touch boogers when they're sticking out of her nose, so I doubt she'll eat them. LOL

Great list. :)

Kelly Dawn said... are too funny...I am getting all caught up on my blog reading ...ARENT YOU PROUD OF ME?? and I SO AM NOT doing it at