Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Day

OK, so after Jon Kent's vomiting, I wasn't thrilled to be leaving.. well I was thrilled to be leaving the possibility of cleaning up more throw-up but not thrilled with leaving my sick little boy. But he was actually a lot better by the time I left. Anyway, my class was actually pretty neat. I can see it turning into a pretty interesting class. Lots of adult conversations and discussions. I think it will be a refreshing time for me.

My next class is tomorrow at 4:05-6:20pm. Bio-201. I'm more worried about this class. Just because it's more doing and less talking. You know. At least in my psy class we will be discussing and talking things out. But in Bio.. not so much. But we'll see. It may turn out better than I expected.

But that's how I do things.. prepare for the worst. That way when it turns out better than I thought it makes things a lot easier.

So my first day back is behind me now.. whew!


SCM said...

I'm glad today went well for you and Jon Kent got better.

I prefer the discussing and talking more than the doing myself, but Biology is always interesting if you have the right teacher, so hopefully you get lucky in that regard.

Janis said...

Congrats on the first day! So glad that it went well and Jon Kent is feeling better! I'msure you will be fine in bio..keep at it!


Bridgett said...

Oh, I dunno. I always really enjoyed my Bio classes...they're fascinating.

Of course, I enjoyed psych classes fact, I took so many as electives, I think I'm only one class away from a minor in psychology. LOL

Glad it went well. Good luck tonight and let us know how it goes!