Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Well, the first day of 2009 is going very well. All my kids are healthy, my husband is home, we spent time with family earlier today and in a little bit we will all sit down with my family and eat a good meal. So yeah.. 2009 is starting off wonderfully.

I rang in the new year playing "Guitar Hero" with my hunky hubby. We were rocking it out when the clock struck midnight. We gave each other a new year's kiss and continued on with our game. It was pretty funny actually.

I hope every one's year has started off well and that as the year goes on that health and happiness is what you find!!

Happy New Year!!


Bridgett said...

LOL...I'm so grateful you changed your layout. I had a horrible time reading the other one. :)

Sounds like a great first day of the year!

BTW, I'm seriously thinking of ordering some of those fatheads...Parker loved the Superman one and Autumn loved the Tink one. Can I expect to find a better deal on them than 25% off?



Karen said...

Finally had the time to catch up on your blog! So glad you all had a great Christmas, the kids got some great stuff! I was so happy to read about Nathan's first long stretch of sleep, then bummed to see it was just a fluke :( I hope your nephew is doing better now.... I was going to get Justin a Fathead for his playroom a few months ago....he said he wanted a Mickey Mouse one....they don't make a Mickey Mouse one, grr! I was so bummed!