Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Day (Random)

We all "slept" in today. Jon Kent, Zoey and myself got out of bed around 7:30am and Nathan got up a little after 8am. That's sleeping in for us. Once Nathan woke up he gave me an explosive diaper. Literally.. he had peed soooo much that he blew out the diaper and those little absorbent balls were EVERYWHERE!!! It was a mess. So I just peeled all his clothes off and gave him a bath. He thought it was the greatest thing. He was getting a bath first thing in the morning for the first time in his life. Anyway... We ate breakfast and then had "school". Jon Kent absolutely loves doing school.. as long as it's at home. If you even talk about going to school he will get this terrified look on his face and yell, "Noooooo!" After school we played and read books. Later I made lunch and Zoey was "helping". We got to talking about me going to school. And once I'm done with school how I will be a nurse and working. She looks up at me with these huge tears in her eyes and says, "Am I getting a new mommy? I want you to stay here forever." Broke my heart. I tried to explain to her the best I knew how that I wasn't going anywhere. That I would be here for her. But there would be times where I'm at work, but someone else would be here, like daddy or a grandparent to take good care of them while I was gone. She wasn't having any of that. I finally just changed the subject. After lunch and nap we got dressed and went to my aunt's house. She did have the books that I needed so that was awesome! No having to buy books for me!! Yay!! Right when I was pulling into my aunt's drive she was on the phone trying to get in touch with someone because her car wouldn't start. Thankfully, we came just in time. So she rode with us to the college (she needed to check on something for her classes) and I grabbed my test scores. I got a 93 for my reading, a 99 for my writing and a.. drum roll please.. 33 for my math. Can you believe that? It was horrible. Thankfully I have already taken my math classes. It's amazing how much you forget when you don't use it often. I believe I remember scoring in the high 80's when I took it back in 2001 (only EIGHT years ago.. boy do I feel old). Anyway, my reading is really all I needed, so that's good. After that I dropped my aunt off at her work and we came home. We played outside for a bit. Then we came home and I cooked some supper. Now the kids are playing with their Aunt Kerith and Tim (hopefully Uncle Tim in the future). They are wiring the kids up for us.. lovely. Well, tomorrow night is my first night back in school. I'm anxious but ready to start. I'm hoping my brain isn't completely fried from having 3 kids in less than 4 years. Speaking of having kids, tomorrow will be Nathan's 9 month birthday.. you'll have to wait for the post tomorrow.. later!


SCM said...

Good luck!

By the way, I can pretty much guarantee my math score would be lower than yours. I am quite horrible at it.

Mc Allen said...

Awww, the tear , new mommything would have been tough! Hugs... And Yes, I have the same math issue... It doesnt like me and the feeling is mutual!! I hope you do very well and soon this will all be behind ya! hugs, LA

Bridgett said...

Ugghhh! Both my kids had those 'blow out' diapers. Those little ball things are impossible to get off the skin. It is a mess.

So glad your aunt had the books you needed. What a big money saver for you!

As for the 33 in math...don't feel too bad. I probably would have received a 10. LOL