Monday, January 5, 2009

More details

I only had like a few minutes to really tell of my new beginnings this afternoon. But now I have some time on my hands...

My academic counselor was really nice. And helpful. She gave me the 411 on all the do's and don'ts and told me things that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. I was so relieved that she was so nice. After she got my classes together I went and had them put into the computer. And then went ahead and took my COMPASS test. I only really needed to take the reading part of it to get my score so I could go ahead and start filling out my nursing applications. So I took that. I think I either did good or fair on the reading and writing parts. Now math (Daddy skip this part!!! ;X) I probably got like a zero on it. I'm good at math.. or should I say I was good at math. I guess since getting out of school, some of it has slipped my mind. I figure with a few refresher hours (if I needed them) I would be back on my game.. but today.. notsomuch. I was sitting in that computer lab (thankfully all alone) talking to myself saying things like, "Are you kidding me? 3x-3y over 3x+2y= WHAT? My daddy would die of embarrassment if he knew it was taking me this long to do this. Are you serious? Am I really supposed to know this stuff? I swear all the kids took my brains cells when they came out of the womb." It would have been some funny stuff to anyone else in the room.. had anyone else been there. But it was soooo not funny to me. Thankfully, my math score doesn't matter because I've already taken all the math courses that I needed. WHEW!!

After that I came home did some chores, fed the kids, got them down for naps, went and searched out the books I needed and then waited for the kids to get up from their naps so I could go BACK to the college and get my schedule changed. Now Karen here is the answer to your question.. I could have gotten online to do my schedule if it weren't my first semester there. But since it is, I have to do all my scheduling in the office this time. But next time I can do it all online, thankfully. Because I think the ladies up there (they are nice and helpful) were just really frazzled today and were just trying to get people in and out.

Anyway, I went back up there and got it changed and my daddy came by and paid my tuition (thank you again!!!). I even may have gotten my daddy another teaching gig (LOL).

I start classes Wednesday. I have Psy-210 on MW from 6:30-7:45pm and then Bio-201 on TuThu from 4:05-6:20pm.

I have an aunt who has already taken these classes and if the books are the same is willing to leaned me her books. Which would be awesome. That way I wouldn't have to worry about buying books. So, hopefully that will work out.

Well there ya have it.. I'm going back to school. It's one thing I can check off my New Year's resolutions.


Mel said...

Congrats on making it back to school! I know how frustrating it is to go through all the trouble of picking classes and then once your done, notice they're the wrong ones.

I start back on the 16th and am so not looking forward to it.. ugh.
Good luck!!

Janis said...

YAY! What a huge first step. :) Congrats! I'm so excited for you!


Bridgett said...

Wow..tomorrow is the big day!

So excited for you.

I always got straight A's in all my classes, but my trig and calculus classes would always be C's and even a 'D' once. I tell ya, my brain just doesn't work that way. I'm much better at reading, writing, and biological sciences.

Thank heavens nursing school doesn't require much math or I probably would've flunked out. ;)

Agghhh. I've been out of nursing school for 11 years now. ::sigh::

I'm old.

Good luck tomorrow!

Kelly Dawn said...

GOOD FOR YOU for going back to school!! I went back and 30 and enjoyed it SO much more than I would have at 18 19 and


PS I am SO FAR behind...catching up now...

Kelly Dawn said...

Good for you for goign back to school!! I went back at 30 and enjoyed it so much than i did when i was just out of high school!

I am SO FAR behind but am getting caught up now :)


Karen said...

How Exciting! Psychology and A&P were two of my favorite classes! I hope your Aunt has the books you need, the books are soooo expensive.

Terri said...

Good for you girlie!!

I have and always will be horrible at horrible you ask?

I had to take my sophmore math over my senior year...with the sophmores..HAHA Yeah that bad :)~