Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday (almost)

OK, so it's not officially Monday.. but time on Mondays is limited. Especially now that school is in full swing. So here is what I totally did not do this week..

*I did not want to throw away all the sheets, comforters and pillows after my son so graciously puked on all of them, just so I didn't have to wash them.

*I did not want to stomp my feet and yell at my husband after previously stated puking son puked allll in my bed after his father, my husband, put him there.

*I did not gladly go to school that same night so I could get away from the puke house.

*I did not feel a million years old for being back in college.

*I am not worried to death about not making it into the RN program.

*I did not let my youngest son, my baby, chew on the straps on the Target buggy because I thought, "Well he's already chewed on it what's the point in taking it away from him now"-and-"we already have to go to the doctor Tuesday for a check-up". And even if I did do that.. which you know.. I didn't.. I didn't let him do it so it meant he wouldn't cry because I forgot his pappy.

*I didn't secretly also enjoying going to school because it means 1-2.5 hours of adult conversations.

*I didn't throw away a toy this week because I was tired of picking up said toy a thousands times or asking for said toy to be picked up OR pulling said toy from baby O'viller's mouth.

There.. I feel better.

So what did you not do this week?


Bridgett said... don't even want to know what I 'did not' do.

Wayne said...

Great Not me monday I thought it was very funny,I once threw away a two pairs of trousers because I didn't want to wash them

Wayne said...

Great not me monday sounds like thre was a lot of puke

Anonymous said...

This is your nursing school fan club piping up with "you can do it!"