Monday, January 12, 2009

The joys of motherhood

So today was a first for me.. let's start at the beginning.

Jon Kent was sitting on the couch drinking his apple juice when he declared that it stunk. I thought he was talking about his sippy cup. So I said come here and let me smell it (thinking it was his cup and that maybe the apple juice had a funny smell to it). I was on the computer at the time reading emails so I didn't really see him coming....

He stuck his finger against my nose.

It stunk.

I mean, oh my goodness what in the world died on your finger, stunk.

I jerk my head back and immediately started laughing because although it was happening to me it was still pretty funny to see the expression on Jon Kent's face.. he was down right proud.

I said why does your finger stink? To which he replies..

Wait for it.. wait...

It was in my butt. My butt itched.

Yes, my blogging friends that's what my child said. I about die.. from laughter and from the thought of butt crumbs on my nose.

He immediately was directed to wash him hands but before he could...

Zoey had to take a sniff.. and she did. My girl has no fear. She also jerked back and declared, "Momma it really does stink!"

Ya think?

Yeah.. I called Kent.. he laughed a great deal and was probably proud as he could be.. I mean that is "his boy".

So what lesson did I learn today?

Look before smelling.


Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHA. Wow. What a great story for his future girlfriends.

Kristine said...

LMAO!! My neighbor's daughter just did the same thing to her. Hysterical.

Bridgett said...

Oh yuck! LOL

Well, at least it wasn't the apple juice. ;)

Karen said...

Haha, LMAO! Lesson Learned here, i'll always look AND ask before smelling!

Christy said...

ROFLMBO!! As a Momma to 2 boys, I NEVER trust! LOL

Terri said...