Monday, January 26, 2009

100 Things.. finally

Because you know you've always wanted to know.It only took me 8 days to finish this.

1. My name is Emily Elizabeth. I was named after my great grandmother.
2. I was born on Friday the 13th.
3. I share my birthday with my grandfather.
4. I'm left handed.
5. I bite my nails.
6. I don't like feet. Except my children's. Anyone else's and I gag.
7. I wrote in my diary in the 5th grade that I would someday marry Kent.
8. He later broke up with me.
9. It took us 5 years to get back together.
10. Kent literally asked me to be his girlfriend.. literally.
11. I still smile about it every time I think of it.
12. My daddy used to call me George when I was little.
13. It was because I wanted to wear a football jersey instead of a cheerleading outfit on college football Saturdays.
14. I still get teased about it to this day.
15. I come from a very sarcastic family.. or rather father.
16. I'm very sarcastic myself.
17. I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior on Nov. 11, 2003.
18. I want more children.
19. But I don't want more babies.
20. I'm not a fan of the newborn stage.
21. I am a fan of the 6 month up stage.
22. I told Kent I loved him after us "dating" for about a week.
23. He returned the gesture.
24. While it was immature love it was still very real.
25. I honestly believe Kent is my soul-mate.
26. He is the butter to my popcorn.
27. The cherry to my limeade.
28. I played t-Ball/softball from the age of 4 until I was 16.
29. I played soccer in the 10th, 11th, 12th grade.
30. I loved playing sports.
31. I was once going to try out for cheerleading but my daddy talked me out of it.
32. I'm glad he did.
33. I got a D on my report card in 2nd grade.
34. My brother still brings that up.
35. I've had two miscarriages.
36. I often wonder what the babies would have been like.
37. I'm thankful though for the babies I've gotten to "keep".
38. The first time I lost the baby I was pretty level headed.
39. The second time I was angry, hurt and very with drawn.
40. I think I slept a solid day after the second one.
41. We weren't supposed to be trying to get pregnant when we got pregnant with Jon Kent.
42. I was told I didn't ovulate that month so we figured it wouldn't hurt.
43. The date the OB gave me that he thought I conceived on "Feb. 25th" was the due date for the first baby we lost.
44. We got pregnant with Zoey while "celebrating" our 3rd wedding anniversary.
45. Zoey was a complete surprise.
46. I called Kent at work and told him and he said, "AGAIN?"
47. Jon Kent was 12 months and 17 days old when he became a big brother.
48. I thought Zoey would be our last.
49. So did Kent.
50. But God had other plans.
51. I found out Nathan was coming a day before Kent's 27th birthday.
52. I emailed Kent a picture of the pregnancy test and it was titled, "Please don't be mad".
53. He wasn't mad.. just shocked.
54. I can't stand clutter. 55. I want to be either an OB nurse or a Pediatric nurse.
56. I'm afraid of getting a rejection letter from nursing school.
57. I'm going to start filling out my nursing forms tomorrow.
58. I think it will be hard but so worth it to get my RN.
59. This is the first time in my life that I know what I want to do when "I grow up".
60. I've always wanted to have a son that was a Jr.
61. Jon Kent is a junior.. Jonathan Kent.. after his daddy.. Jonathan Kent.. lol.
62. I knew I wanted to name my first girl Zoey when I was in the 9th grade.
63. My first car was an '89 Honda Accord.
64. I thought I was the stuff.
65. Nathan was semi named after Kent.. JoNATHAN.
66. My toe next to my big toe is taller than all my other toes.
67. Kent reminds me of my toes often.. as they aren't "perfectly descending" like his.
68. So far, all the kids seem to have Kent's feet.
69. I am slightly disappointed in that fact.
70. I have naturally curly hair.
71. I, in the last few years, have just come to love the fact that I have curly hair.
72. I'm a morbid person. Like really morbid. I talk about death a lot. I mean we all are going to die some day.. See? Morbid.
73. Kent asked me to married him on June 9th, 2001. Less than a month after my high school graduation. 74. The way he did it was completely romantic and unique.. I plan on sharing the full details during my S.W.A.T challenge in Feb. 75. I always wanted to spell my name Emilee instead of Emily. 76. In kindergarten I once told my teacher that my parents had gotten a divorce (they hadn't) and my daddy had moved to Georgia. My daddy came in to school one day because I had forgotten my lunch money or snack money and my teacher kept getting in between him and me.. she thought he was coming to kidnap me or something. She later found out about my lie.77. That story still gets brought up from time to time. 78. I had braces when I was in the 7th grade.
79. My favorite place to vacation is the beach.
80. I've always wanted to have 5 children.
81. Considering I had two miscarriages (actually babies.. not masses of tissue) and now have my 3 babies here, that would be 5. So I guess in the end I got my 5 children.
82. I don't see the point in vacationing in the mountains when it is warm and there is no snow. I just don't get it.
83. I got my glasses today. I'm embarrassed when people notice.
84. I played trumpet from grades 6-12.
85. My husbands (lovingly.. eh) calls me a band nerd.
86. He must think band nerds (me) are sexy.
87. Hahaha
88. I love me some Auburn football!
89. I have a brother who is 4 years older than me.
90. No sisters.. and I've never really wanted one either. I like being the only girl.
91. I love Sunkist. And if it didn't make me bloated and fat I would drink it 24/7.
92. I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding 58 out of the last 65 months.
93. I like to think of myself as creative. But, lately, rarely find the time to get creative.94. I love Valentine's Day.
95. My favorite color when I was little was purple. Now it's more pink.. but I like most colors equally.
96. I has a poodle named Toby when I was little. He died when he was 15ish years old.
97. I found him dead by his water bowl.
98. I'm not a big pet person. I have enough poop to clean up as it is.
99. I like to drink milk with ice in it. It started when I was pregnant with Nathan. Before then I used to think it was gross.
100. I think you are an awesome reader if you got this far and actually read it all. Way to go you!


Bridgett said...

I read it all! And I thought it was a truly great list.

Sounds like you were an ornery little girl! LOL

I completely agree with you about animal poop. Gah! I feel like all I get done is clean the rabbit cage tray.

I'm sorry about your two miscarriages. I didn't know. :(

Good luck with nursing school! I don't think you'll be rejected. It isn't easy get yourself mentally prepared for not having a social life at all. LOL

Thanks for sharing all this with us! It's nice reading these...really helps us get to know each other better, I think.


Brandi said...

"76. In kindergarten I once told my teacher that my parents had gotten a divorce (they hadn't) and my daddy had moved to Georgia. My daddy came in to school one day because I had forgotten my lunch money or snack money and my teacher kept getting in between him and me.. she thought he was coming to kidnap me or something. She later found out about my lie."

BY FAR the funniest thing I've read all week! I called my whole family in here to read it to them. We are cracking up!

Kelly Dawn said...

ya know what they say? obviously you dont..they say when your second toe is taller than your big toe? You are the boss in your family :) Mine is taller than my big toe too :)

Mc Allen said...

wow, these were really interesting, in a great way! I have never really read anyones all the way through. the ones about you and kent were great!! the others were good too, but that was just really sweet! great job! ♥ LA

Stephanie said...

I read it all!

Great post. There is no way I can come up with that many facts about myself. But you cheated (ahem - #87?) so maybe I can cheat too and do this.

It was lovely getting to know you better :-)

Karen said...

Number 66....mine too! LOL

TnL's Mommy said...

Those are some interesting facts! Some were pretty funny. Good job, don't know if I could get thru 100 things myself. Hope school is still going well for you!

Kristine said...

That was so fun to read! Your mobidness would fit it well with my family of funeral directors, lol.