Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mother of the Year Award

You know because I am like totally the perfect mother.

Is it getting deep in here?

Actually, Christy gave me this award. How very sweet of her to think of me. She had some nice things to say and I really appreciate her saying them. If some of you haven't went over to her blog you need to. She is a great mother who is currently doing it "solo" as her hubs is off fighting for our freedom. She has really inspired me to be more Godly in my mothering. I hope everyone who visits here will also visit her.

So anyway, there weren't any "rules" for me to pass this on.. but I do want to share some of the love. Don't we all have days where we wish someone would just recognize all the hard work we do to raise our kids? I know I do. So here.. I'm passing it on.. Here are just a few of the moms that I believe deserve this award.. and there are plenty more out there but I will just keep it to 5.

Karen. We share the love for the name Nathan. ;o) She has 2 little boys and is currently pregnant with #3. I, for one, am rooting for a little girl.. but that's just because I think it's only fair to have a little estrogen in the family. Anywho, she is a great mother to her little boys. And she is always giving me ideas for things to do with my own kids. Go over and check her out and tell her what a great job she is doing with her boys!

Brandi. I have know Brandi for over 4 years.. probably closer to 5 years. She is the mother to one little boy, Ryan with baby #2 on the way. She is super sweet and is always encouraging. She has done a wonderful job with Ryan, you can just tell by the way that little boy smiles! I know she will be just as great of mother to #2.. which we find out what #2 is in a week or so, right? Go on over and check her out!!

Kris. Kris is a mom to two BEAUTIFUL girls. I think she deserves this award solely because she knows what I am going through with sleepless nights. LOL. Nah.. she is also a great mother. She is always sharing some great pictures that she took of the girlies during the day and they always seem to be having a blast. She is also very encouraging when she sees I am at my wits end with my own sleepless nights. Everyone needs to head on over there and check her blog out! You won't regret it!

Stephanie. She is also a mom to two gorgeous girlies. She has currently been dealing with the sickies over at her house and has handled it quiet well. When my kids throw up I come on here and complain and gripe.. she just mentions it in passing and that is that. She certainly gets the "Mother of the Year" award for that! Did I mention she takes some great pictures of her girls? Well, she does! Go on over and check her out. And tell her I sent ya!

Amanda. Amanda is a mom to a little girl and a little boy. We have known each other for.. over 4 years.. probably closer to 5 years. We were pregnant with our boys (Jon Kent). She is a great mother who just wants the best for her kids. She is also a great wife to her husband. Her son was born early and just dealing with all that comes with being a mom to a preemie is enough for any "Mother of the Year" reward. If I had another award to give to her, I would. She really does handle it all with great compassion. I don't think you can actually visit her blog (it's private and all) but I still wanted to mention her because she really is a great mother!

And lastly.. yes I know I'm going over my "5".. I'm such a rebel..

I would like to give the "Mother of the Year" reward to my own mom. I know she still reads me. So here you go momma!! Thanks for being the world's greatest mom to the world's greatest daughter. Ahem.. what? I am!

Now pass on the love to other mothers you know who could use a little pat on the back!


Kristine said...

Wow, thanks Emily! I feel honored to have you mention me!!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much!!!

Brandi said...

Awwww Emily. Thanks you very much :)

Amanda said...

Awww you are too sweet! Thank you so much :) I've ben down in the dumps today.. you really made me feel so much better! Oh and my blog is private but if anyone wants to be added just LMK.. if priavte because of some ummm family ;)

Terri said...

Congrats to all!!


Karen said...

aww thanks so much Em! This made my day!!!

Bridgett said...

Very good choices. :)

Christy said...

Ok I'm going to have to go check them out, I don't think I've read any of them before!! Always fun to find new bloggers! :) (Or new to me!LOL)