Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You asked, I'm answering: Pt. 2

From Tanya:
I also had another question...what is the best advice you can give regarding going from 2 kids to 3?? Hubby and I have debated having another, I would love one more esp trying for a girl.

Going from two to three was pretty hard for me. I guess because I was used to the way Jon Kent and Zoey did things together.. from the start. It was just easy. When Nathan came along it was harder. My advice would be to just plan, plan, plan. If you know you want another one go ahead and start figuring out how new routines would work. Granted you can't set anything in stone, because babies just don't care what kind of routine you have. But for a little part try to keep as much normalcy in your lives. Know that having 3 is more work. Duh, right? Well, I knew it would be more work, but the amount of more work is what shocked me. Know that when you have two kids you have two arms, but when that third one is born you don't sprout a new arm. You go from a man on man defense to more of a zone defense. But children are a blessing no matter what, so in the end the journey is worth more than you could ever imagine.

From D:
How did you come up with the kids names?What happened with the puppy you found?What is your favorite kind of music and who do you love to listen to?What food would you eat over and over again if you had no fear of gaining weight?

I basically knew that I wanted our first boy to be a Junior. Kent's name is actually Jonathan Kent and Jon Kent is obviously Jonathan Kent, Jr. How we got Jon Kent out of that is because my brother is Jon Paul and we thought it would be cool and different to name our first son Jon Kent. Zoey got her name from a show that came on PBS when I was in high school. But it was spelt Zoe. I wanted it to be clearly pronounced Zoey so I added the "y". Otherwise, someone at some point would call her "Zo". Nathan's name was a bit harder to come up with. Kent and I went through so many names it was ridiculous. So finally I wrote down Nathan and Kent said yes immediately. I was so relieved. Kent later pointed out that Nathan is a shorten version of JoNATHAN. Which I never noticed. So "technically" both of the boys are named after their daddy. Ego much? LOL

As for the puppy, yes he is still around and probably will be. I named him Bo. He took up with the in laws next door while we were on vacation and spends most of his time up there unless the kids are outside playing, then he is down here. Kent's dad really likes him and if no one calms him (he has a collar but no tags) then the dog will probably stay with them once we move.

I'm actually not a big music person. Never have been really. I mostly listen to music when working out (which I haven't done in a long time... eek!). I don't really have a certain area that I just listen to regular. When we are in the car we are listening to Veggie Tales or the Wiggles. During Christmas time I do love to pop in a Christmas CD or find a Christmas music station on the TV and listen to that.. does that count?

I would eat chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. And drink Sunkist. All.the.time.


D said...

Cool answers. I'd probably eat a lot more chocolate too. Not that the idea of gaining weight ever really stopped me. I have no real vices other then chocolate and it actually really calms me down. Glad you kept the pup and Bo's a cool name. I actually named one of my dad's birds that.

TnL's Mommy said...

Thanks for your input on my question! I have heard that it is really hard going from 2 to 3 but then I have heard that it was easy. I know it depends on the family/baby/situation...it's just nice to hear other's advice about it to me! Thanks!

Kristine said...

I was going to ask the "from 2 to 3 kids" question. Most people have pretty much the same answer that you gave....harder than going from 1 to 2. Makes sense, I guess, lol!

Bridgett said...

Ha! I actually really loved these answers.

Fun reading. :)