Monday, June 1, 2009

We aren't in Bama anymore

I have looked at at least 15 houses today. At least. I've seen more bedrooms, bathrooms and garages than I care to ever admit. Did I mention that we are only on day one? Oh yes, my dear friends, day one. From 9:30 this morning until 6 this evening we have looked at houses, houses and more houses. We, so far, have two favorites. We just need to look up the schools and make sure they are good schools. I didn't realize how draining looking at houses could be, but it is. Tomorrow we start at 9am. More houses await.
Nathan ended up needing to go to the doctor this morning. He woke up and was running a 103 temperature. So, I called and made him an appointment and Kent's dad took him. After being checked over and getting some lab tests ran the doctor said it was just a fever virus. His ears looked good and all his labs came back fine. She said he would be over it in another 3 days or so. I hope so. I feel awful being here and him being there, sick. But I know he is in good, capable hands. I am sure he is spoiled rotten.. as all the kids are.

Speaking of the kids, Jon Kent and Zoey started their swimming lessons today. We were really worried about them, mainly Jon Kent, not wanting to get into the water or just being stubborn. But we were told they both did very well and did everything they were told to do. Which really surprised me. We told them last night that if they did the swimming lessons and did everything they were told to do that we would bring them home a surprise. So we will have to keep our promise.

Well, I need to jet and look up these school districts. Here's hoping they have good schools.


Claire said...

Emily, I never caught where your moving?? I backtracked but couldnt find it!! Email me!! =)

Bridgett said...

Gah...I can't imagine seeing that many houses in one day! Are you taking notes to keep track of everything? LOL

I'm sorry to hear Nathan's sick. :(

That always seems to happen to us mommies when we're already feeling guilty for being away. But you're right...he's in good hands.

Good luck the next few days!


Brittney said...

I'm so excited for y'all! I wish I was looking for houses!

Have fun :)

Stephanie said...

I hope the process is not a long one!

Glad their swimming lessons went well. Summer and Camryn seem to love the water so far, hopefully this summer we can work on learning to doggy paddle!