Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Puppy?

So the puppy is still hanging around. He stays in our garage during the day and under our front steps at night. I've been feeding him scraps, but I guess I need to go get him some dog food since he seems to be staying around. The kids absolutely love him. He is really sweet and playful, but lazy. He would be one of those porch step dogs that just lay around all day. I'm not really sure what kind of breed(s) he is. And he wouldn't really stay still for a clear picture. But maybe someone could tell by the pictures I did mange to take.
Sorry the last one is so dark. He just wouldn't be still for me and I had to take this one really quickly before he moved.


Stephanie said...

Ohhhh he's so cute!!! If no one claims him you know you have to keep him.

gina said...

he loks a lot like my brothers dog and he is austrailan shepard. hope that helps

dude said...

looks aussie, to the exception of the tail.
they are generally bob- tailed

Bridgett said...

He's adorable!

I'd say he's got some siberian huskey in him because of his blue eyes, but he also looks to have Australian Shepherd blood too. My uncle has an Aussie...very sweet dogs.

And huskies are gorgeous animals.

I hope you do adopt him! A new family friend to make the move with you. :)

D said...

He looks sort of Aussie that's pretty clear. He's definitely in the herding dog group but there's some other mixes to make him interesting. Just curious. Have you named him? Once you name him he's your's.