Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 2 cents

I've debated on whether or not to post on the whole April Rose scandal. For those who remember, I had her picture and link on my sidebar asking for prayers. From all that has come out since earlier this week, it seems as though "B" (the author of the blog and supposed mother of April Rose) made the whole thing up and used it to either get attention or money or both. It is truly a sad, sad situation. She talked a good talk and really had people fooled. She called herself a Christian and spoke wonderfully about the Word of God. I want to go on record to say that if she truly was a Christian she wouldn't have acted the way she did and used the Word of God the way she did. One can call themselves a Christian and not be. So please don't let your view of Christianity be blurred by how she acted. And lastly, the prayers that were prayed on behalf of April Rose weren't unheard. I fully believe they were heard and God used them for His glory in one way or another. We may not see it now, because we aren't aware of the bigger picture just yet. But rest assured they were used to further His kingdom.

I do, however, want to promoted a momma who really does deserve our prayers and support. She is a momma of two handsome little boys. One of which was born from her and one that was born from her heart. They are currently trying to adopted Matthew, but are having a time with the courts and Matthew's biological father. To read the whole story and to keep up with what is going on please visit them. Click the link in this post or scroll down and click on Matthew's picture in my right sidebar.


Stephanie said...

Beautifully said.

Thanks for sharing the other blog, I'm headed there now.

Bridgett said...

I hadn't ever visited the journal about April Rose...but little by little, I've been piecing together the story over the last few days.

It's incredibly sad and incredibly horrible that a woman could do something like this.

Very well said though, Em.