Friday, June 19, 2009

Adventures in O'ville: Beach Edition

We are home. We are unpacked. We are tired. Or rather Kent and I are tired. The kids? Oh it's just right back to business as usual. Running, playing, having a good ole time.

We really did have a good time, minus the sunburns. Wednesday I had a weird day of just feeling like.. blah. It was really tired, my body ached, didn't have much of an appetite and had some chills. But by Thursday I was good to go.

The kids enjoyed the kiddie pool the condo had. They had much rather played in it all day than to stay on the beach. Jon Kent is not a fan of sand, at least on his hands. Zoey didn't really care either way, but she really liked going to the pool to "socialize" and Nathan.. well he didn't care where he was. He liked it all.

It was good to have one last beach get away before all the moving madness begins. That would be 2 weeks from today.


KatieQ said...

You look great Em, 3 kids in so many years and you look like that, color me green with ENVY!

TnL's Mommy said...

Welcome back home!! Your pictures are so precious!! Glad you and your family had a nice time!

Brandi said...

Welcome Home!!!! Adorable pictures :)

Karen said...

How do you just get home and unpack already?! I hate unpacking! I love all the pics, glad you all had a great time! Now Adventures in Moving begin! yay!

Kristine said...

Welcome home! Cute pics. Looks like the kids has a BLAST!

Bridgett said...

That final picture of Nathan just tickles me. He looks like the king of the beach, no doubt. LOL

I can't believe you're moving in only 2 weeks! Wow, the time certainly has flown.


clauren said...

:) great times!

Bernadette said...

:) great photos! looks like a good time was had by all!
...and you are looking good mamma!

Eli doesn't like the beach much either...especially when it's breezy and the sand starts flying. We spend more time in the pool than in the ocean.