Saturday, June 13, 2009

We stay busy and other random babble

OK, so this summer has been busy. Between getting ready to move (oh my goodness my heart just skipped a few beats!), house hunting, keeping the kids going and then getting ready to head to the beach (in two days for those who don't keep up with my tweets) I've been busy. OH and I have just realized that I'm fat again. OK, OK, OK.. maybe not FAT but not what I want to be either. I would love to be where I was at when Zoey was about 10 months old. Working out at least 3 days a week, drinking water 90% of the time and just all around feeling good in my skin. I have a craving to run again. And not on a treadmill. I just want to throw on my running shoes, head outside and run. I love forward to our neighborhood in S.C. because it would be so easy and safe (I think) to just go out the front door and run. Very much looking forward to it.

So anyway.. I got off subject.

We have been busy. Kent has spent the last two days doing repairs to our house to get it in good shape when his grandparents buy it and move in after we leave. Today he was up on the roof, in the pouring rain, nailing down some loose nails and just doing some maintenance to the roof. Zoey and I were off shopping. We had a little girls day out (which you would also know if you followed my tweets. Just sayin'). We went to OLD NAVY and Target and then grabbed some lunch. It was fun. She makes for a good shopping buddy. And the girl loves shoes! I saw a cute pair of brown flip flops for her and she also liked them. Then she said she also needed the same flip flops in pink and purple.. lol. Then on the way to check out she saw some more shoes and insisted that she needed those.

"Sorry sweetie. One pair is enough for you."

Once we got back I was tired. I had a sudden onset headache and it was just horrible. Even after taking something. So I went and laid in Zoey's bed thinking I would be in there 5 minutes before someone found me, but little did I know Kent was keeping them out so I could rest. How sweet is he!?!?!! I ended up sleeping for about an hour. When I woke up my headache was better but not gone. The kids wanted to go out and play and since it stopped raining we obliged. We stayed out for almost 3 hours. The kids rode the 4-wheeler with their daddy, Zoey and Nathan rode around in the Jeep, the kids played with the puppy, helped pick up limbs and just all around had a good time. We then came in and ate supper and just played around until bath and bedtime.

Funny story:
Lately, when one of the kids acts up we tell them, "We don't take whining/bad/crying/etc. kids to the beach. They usually straighten up because they really want to go. So tonight Jon Kent didn't want to go to sleep. He wanted to stay up and see what we were up to. So I went into his room and told him to go to sleep. Here is the conversation we had:

JK: Momma will you sleep in my bed with me?
Me: No, sweetie, momma is going to go sit with daddy. It's time for you to go to sleep alone.
JK: (kicking) No!
Me: Jon Kent, it's time for you to go to sleep and stopping kicking.
JK: (grabs my hands and won't let go.. also still kicking) No! I want you to sleep with me!
Me: Jon Kent let go and stop kicking.
JK: No!
Me: You are disobeying me and that is wrong. You need to let momma go, so I can leave and you can go to sleep.
JK: If you leave me you can't go to the beach!

He eventually let go but wasn't happy about it. Started pitching a fit and his daddy had to get on to him before he finally fell back to sleep.

And speaking of falling to sleep.. I need to. Later all!


Kim said...

You are FAR from fat!

I cannot stand when the kids give trouble going down. Randomly, Kal will come in complaining that she's had a bad dream...which really, cannot be true because she didn't even have time to fall asleep! I just think she understands that that's a quick way to get some sympathy and loving. Four year olds are tricky!

Bridgett said...

I don't Twitter...but if I did, I'd follow you! :)

Giggling about Jon Kent's threat about the beach. LOL