Monday, June 29, 2009

Saying Good-bye

Last night my church had a fellowship meal. It was in a small part in honor of my family and us leaving. Giving everyone a chance to say good-bye to us, love on us, encourage us. My pastor gave a devotional directed at Kent and I to continue to pass on the legacy, that our parents gave us, to our children. That legacy being living a Godly life. It was truly bittersweet. Many of those people have known me since my birth. None of them have known me less than a decade. They are all family. I sat there, trying my best not to cry, looking around the room and remembering different memories from each person I saw. I watched my children running around and playing and being hugged and loved on by various people. I was filled with joy and sadness. One second I'm thrilled to be leaving and starting a new chapter in our life book, but so sad to be leaving my church family and my actual family. Today the kids and I were at the park and I realize they didn't have any drink cups. So I knew my parents' house was just a short 5 minute drive, so we drove over there and they played while I talked to my brother and daddy. Spontaneous trips that like will be no more. It's odd to think "this time next week we will be in South Carolina". Or only _ more nights that we will be staying in this house. And that is like 3 more night currently. 3 more nights of staying in the house that we built. That's has been hitting me harder than I thought it would. But in a whole this whole moving this hasn't hit me yet. And I keep asking myself, "when is it going to finally hit me?" I wish it would already, so I can have a good cry and move on. I know our family will come up to visit and we will come home often (the kids and I are coming back for a week after we move up there.. lol) but it just won't be the same. Saying good-bye is never easy when you truly care and love the people you are leaving. I never thought we would be moving away or at least not this far. Maybe the town over or at the most an hour or so. But to be 5 hours away, it's something that this time last year wasn't even on our radar. And yet here we are. Preparing ourselves to move.. To say good-bye.


Taking Heart said...

Praying for you a smooth transition... for a new church family!
Sweet post, Emily!

Terri said...


Saying goodbye is never easy... May God be with you all on this new journey ahead of you..and give you comfort and strength along the way as you adapt to being away from family...and making a whole new life... Wishing you the best!


Bridgett said...

Wow...the time is here, huh?

I wish you guys nothing but the best.

And five hours isn't so bad. It could definitely be worse. When I lived in Washington, it was at least a 3 day drive by car from WV. More than that if you actually wanted to sleep. LOL

Good luck!!!!

Kristine said...

(((E))) GL with everything!

Karen said...

Awww I'm gonna be crying right along with you when it's time to say goodbye! I know this is God's plan for you and you're family though, so everything will work out just fine.

TnL's Mommy said...

I wish you the best on your move and building your new life! I hope the transition to your new home, new life and new church is smooth for your and your family!