Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Some puppy has wondered up to our house. He is not staying. Besides, he has a collar. He's a sweet little pup. He has spent most of the day under our steps where it is apparently dark and cool. The kids named him.. different names for each of them. Jon Kent named him "Giggles" and Zoey named him "Gigglet". Don't ask me where they came up with those names.

My kitchen floors are currently drying. It feels so good to get them cleaned and the kitchen as well. With me being gone last week and just trying to keep the kids busy this week, the floors haven't been mopped in almost 2 weeks. My bathrooms are next. Pretty exciting, no? Yeah, it's not, but it sure feels good to get it done and over with!

We put in an offer on the house yesterday. Our realtor and the sellers' realtor went back and forth all morning and afternoon. And finally agreed on an offer. At first that didn't want to do anything we asked or take the price we asked. They wanted full price with none of our requests accepted. Our realtor told their realtor that we had two other houses we were considering (we do) and that we didn't have to have that house. So by the end of the day they gave us a counter offer that we accepted. But now we are iffy on the closing date. We need a specific closing day since we will be in temporary quarters for a month. They need a date because they are moving into a new construction home. But if they don't sell their house it doesn't matter what date they want, you know? So we are still waiting to hear back from that. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and our offer with our closing date will be accepted. Only time will tell.
Well, my littlest is hungry (he slept through lunch) so I need to go put some grub in his tummy. Have a great day everyone!


Kristine said...

GL with the house stuff!

Brandi said...

Hopefully everything works out with the house that you want to buy. I'm happy to know I am not the only person in the world who loves to clean and feels so good when my house is all clean :)

Stephanie said...

I'm so happy for you that your offer was accepted. Hopefully a closing date will be chosen soon.

Bridgett said...

That's so odd that the little puppy is hanging out at your house. I hope his owners aren't abusive or something. :(

I've got my fingers crossed on the house! LOTS of good luck thoughts coming your way.

Of course, I'm behind so maybe you've heard about it already?