Wednesday, June 3, 2009


No house. Someone else ran in and got the house. They were putting in their offer tonight. We wouldn't have time to get the preapproval for the loan and all that in time. So tomorrow it is back to the drawing board. Boo.


TnL's Mommy said...

Aww sorry Emily!! I was so excited when I just read the post before this one!!

You will find it...I am sure!!

Christy said...

Sorry this house didn't work out hon. I have no doubt that the perfect house is out there just waiting for you to buy!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

That stinks!! It just means that wasn't the right house for you guys. You'll find the perfect one. How much more time do you have to look before you have to make a decision? Good luck and happy house hunting.

Kristine said...


Karen said...

aw! Well, it wasn't meant to be...the "right?" house will come along.

Bridgett said...

Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear this. I know how excited you were about that house. :(

Well, it just means you were meant to find a better one. :D

Any luck today?