Tuesday, February 10, 2009


*Deep sigh of relief*

I have 9 extra days to study for my biology test. Hallelujah! He said he didn't feel like he gave us enough time to really absorb the information so he was going to let us have until the 17th. Well about half of my class is full of people who are already in the nursing program and they started freaking out because they all had tests packed into the first of the week. So he was flexible and said the 19th. So that gives me 9 extra days to study, study, study and it also puts off the lab test until the 26th. So yeah.. I'm grateful right now.

Back to studying!


kksmith said...

He is like that. i really liked him as a teacher. You will be very surprised what you do remember when you get in nursing school. i took my endocrine test today and tanked it....but i never really studied. I made a 72 which is failing in nursing school. i will have to do 100 nclex and tutor....oh well, I will do better next time...it is the GI system...not as hard as endocrine.
You can do it. Don't get discouraged...there will be good and bad things...that is the way it is.

Aunt KK

Bridgett said...

This guy sounds like a really nice professor!

Very mellow and willing to listen to his class. You can't beat that!