Monday, February 16, 2009

The government.. ugh.

The government is slow. I do mean.. s-l-o-w. As you all know Kent put in for a job that could possibly move us. The deadline to put in for the job was December 31st. We thought, surely, by February 1st we would know something.. anything. Nope. Still waiting. And since we are waiting I feel like in some ways we have had to put our life on hold. I'm waiting to send in my nursing applications because I don't want to waste my time pulling all the needed information together if I'm not going to be here. We haven't signed Jon Kent and Zoey up for tee ball because we don't know if we will be here or not. I would really like to finish decorating the boys' room and Zoey's room but if we aren't going to be here, there is no point in that. I just wish we knew one way or another. That way if we are moving then I can start that process (getting boxes, searching for a new house, find a moving company, etc.) if we aren't moving I can finish decorating, buy some storage bins for various clothes and rooms, etc. I just would like to know already.


Bridgett said...

I don't blame you a bit. That would drive me crazy as well. Living in limbo isn't much fun.

Hopefully he'll hear something real soon.


Christy said...

Since you're not military you don't know our mantra! It's called "Hurry up and Wait" The military (the Government at it's finest rofl) makes you hurry up, get everything done on your end and then you wait, wait, and oh yeah...wait some more on them! There's nothing like it! LOL I do hope you guys get an answer soon, it can be torchure waiting.

Karen said...

ug totally sucky you guys are on hold like that. I'll say some prayers you get an answer soon!