Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just emptying my head

We reviewed over our second biology test tonight in A&P. It was a really good review and I knew a lot of the answers. Which made me feel good. I also started studying for my lab tonight after we got through with our review and I amazingly knew a lot of the bones. I was pretty excited at that realization. Once I get better at the bone features, I will really be feeling good.

I have a psychology test tomorrow night. It's on the prenatal development. I know most of it since I've experienced 3 times already. The only "hard" part is some the terminology but I think I have a pretty good handle on that.

I'm looking at another school to possibly take my RN courses at. Only because they offer night and weekend classes and do all their clinicals at the hospital that I delivered all the kids at, which I love. They also offer the RN program more than once a year, so if I don't get in the first time I can reapply the next semester. I'm still thinking about it, so we'll see.

Kent told me this evening not to be surprised if he doesn't get that job. Because he said since there isn't a lot of "moving money" in the budget currently because of the economy that the prison may not want to move anybody. And when the job posted they said it did include cost of moving. So what may happen is they will "announce" that they no longer need to fill the position at this time and then wait a month and repost it without the cost of moving. Which is low and sneaky, but they can do it.. they are the government and all. So, for now, I've just closed that chapter and consider it closed unless we do indeed get notice that he got the job. So on to decorating and getting this house less cramped! Not to mention weeding out toys and clothes so I can get my spring/summer consignment done.

Speaking of consignment, it's nearing that time again. I have to have all my stuff tagged by the 12th of March, I believe. I'm hoping to do well so I can squirrel away the money for later adventures.

Well, I must go. Need to go look over my Psy test once more before heading to bed.


clauren said...

Good luck on the test. When I first started college I thought I wanted to be a nurse, until I took A&P lol. I'm a Law girl, didn't know it back then. HUGS, Cass

Bridgett said...

I think you'll do just fine on both the test and the labs. I remember learning the bones and all their protuberances. LOL

I believe I learned all that stuff in A&P though.

Agghhh...this all brings back so many memories!


Stephanie said...

Good luck with your test! I hope that everything works out for the best with that job.