Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 10 Months, Nathan!

Well.. it's the 7th so that means it's another month birthday for little man, Nate. I can't believe we are nearing up on his first birthday. At times it seems like these past 10 months went by so slowly and then I look again and it seemed to fly by.

At 10 months this is what Nathan can do/is doing:

  • Eat some table foods

  • Crawl like a speed racer.

  • He has 3 teeth with more to pop through any day.

  • He can take 2-3 steps.

  • He takes 2 naps with his morning one being the longest (2ish hours)

  • He is sleeping better at night. Only getting up 2 times. 1 to eat and 1 to fuss about not getting to eat. LOL

  • He is saying "ma" some but still has his grunt conversations.

  • He is really starting to learn how to play with his brother and sister.

  • He is very adventurous and loves getting into things.

  • He still rather have milk all natural rather than bottles.

  • He is taking a sippy cup a lot better with fewer spills.

  • He is in size 9-12 month clothes with a few 12-18 month things.

  • He can stand all alone.

I believe in the next few weeks I'll have a walker on my hands. And that will be bittersweet since he is my last. But at least he is growing and developing. For that I am extremely thankful!

Happy 10 Months, Nathan!!


Bridgett said...

Sounds like he's doing fabulously well. :)

Happy 10 month, baby boy!


Karen said...

Happy Month Day Sweet Nathan!

Kristine said...

Oh, no..the one-year mark is quickly approaching! Sorry to be a downer ;-)

Brandi said...

Happy 10 months Nathan :)