Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I can't wait until the end of the week for many reasons. 1) Kent will be off from work Friday and Saturday. 2) I will be done with school for 3 days. And 3) It will be a lot warmer. 65-70 degrees in fact. All this cold weather is for the penguins. Granted it's not Arctic cold or even northern cold, but it's still cold. Wind chill is in the single digits and that's just too cold to get outside with the kids. *sigh* So we are going stir crazy currently. Thankfully it's almost naptime and then we will all get bundled up and go get my hair brows "cut" (as Jon Kent says) and then grab some milk and oddities from the store. Then it will be school for me and hopefully finding out what I made on my biology test. (Pray for me).

Oh, totally forgot to mention it.. but Nathan is now waving bye-bye. He started that on the 1st. AND he is giving night-night kisses to the kids each night. I'll pray with them and then lean over to give them night-night kisses and then lean Nathan over to let him give the kids night-night kisses and he will automatically open his mouth for a kiss. So sweet... OH AND (man, I've forgotten a lot apparently) he is saying "ma" a lot now. AND (!!!) he is sleeping TONS better. Still not bragging though. We haven't made it through the whole night yet.. but it's a lot, A LOT better than it was.


Junita said...

I am so jealous - our baby just seems to be regressing - I am a little at a loss at this point - I am hoping it is just his teeth and he will at least be sleeping better, even if it is in our bed!

Kristine said...

WTG, Nathan, on all those milestones!

Bridgett said...

Awwww...Nathan is such a big boy!

You must be such a proud mommy. :)