Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again. So it's time for my list of all my imperfections this past week. There are others playing too over at MckMama's blog so check them out as well! Now on to my Not Me! Monday.

I did not let Jon Kent skip his naps this week because 1) I'm tired of getting him ready for nap and then see him sneaking out of his room not 5 minutes later and 2) so that he can entertain Nathan while I grab a quick shower while they both are locked in the room with me. Not me!

I did not completely lose it at Jon Kent's basketball came when his coach, ahem, Daddy sat him out because he wouldn't listen. Not me! I'm more composed than that.

And since I didn't make a fool of myself at his game, I certainly didn't give the hubs the silent treatment on the way home from the game.

After Jon Kent chose, again, to skip a nap he fell asleep on the couch yesterday before church. When he woke up I did not take this picture of him and how goofy he looked.

The hubs and I did not laugh entirely too long at this picture. We are more caring parents than that!

I did not throw away one or even two pair of underwear after Jon Kent, who had a tummy ache, pooped in each of them because I didn't want to clean them out.

I did not let my kids stay in their PJs all day most days of the week because it meant less laundry on laundry day.

I did not and certainly don't continue to think about rubbing Nathan's top gums until his two top teeth finally pop through. Because he is certainly not being a crabby diaper baby because his gums are hurting him.

Now.. don't let me feel all alone..

What did you not do this week?


Bridgett said...

That 'post-nap' picture is priceless! LOL

I'll have to think about what I 'didn't do' this week.


My Outside Voice said...

I love your Monday posts.. I look forward to them..

Have a great week..