Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's new in O'ville?

I took my A&P test tonight. I should have done well. My teacher, bless his heart, let us use our notes. Granted I honestly don't think you learn that way, but since we didn't know he was going to let us do it, we all should have studied.. but nonetheless, I was pleased that he did. He told us to do all we could on our own, then to write our name on a piece of paper and the starting time of when we started using our notes and then add 45 minutes to that time and get our stopping time and to turn it in to him. Once we reached that time we had to put our notes away.

I used every last second of that 45 minutes. You know.. just to be sure.

I think even without my notes I probably would have gotten a B. So hopefully with my notes I got an A. I figured it up and so far, not counting this test, I have a 96(give or take a point) in the class.

I don't know if anyone knows this or not (except family and close friends who may read my blog) Kent is a diabetic. Has been since he was 7 years old. So that makes him a type 1 diabetic. Which means his pancreas doesn't produce any insulin. Anyway, over the last year we have had a time keeping his levels under control. They would drop and he would become incoherent. He would act like he was drunk. It took a toll on me for numerous reasons and him as well. He asked his doctor about getting a pump. And today (after much waiting) he is all "hooked" up. This way he is getting a continuous flow of insulin, just like a "normal" person would. He has to calculate how many carbs is in his meal and then he just punches that in and it gives him his insulin. If we are out eating he can punch in the place we are at, what he got and it will automatically count up the carbs for him. It's pretty neat. We're hoping this helps with his unstable levels and since he has to really watch what he is eating and I have to really watch what I am buying we can really get healthy again.. like I feel like we were before our lives got hectic with kids.

I need to research some new recipes and different companies that cater to sugar free, carb free, etc products.



Stephanie said...

That's awesome that you go to use your notes!!

Sounds like a really cool insulin pump. So convenient! Hopefully it makes a big difference.

Bridgett said...

Wow...your professor is a gem! LOL

I didn't know Kent was diabetic, but I've got to tell you, working on a kidney floor for several years, most of our patients were also diabetic. And the ones on the pump ALWAYS had the best
HbA1c levels. So I think that was a super wise choice. He'll feel much better now, I bet.

Have a good weekend!


Karen said...

That pump sounds really neat! I'm glad he was finally able to get it! Well, this isn't the *best* site to share because it's not food, it's CANDY, lol....but Justin once went through a period where all he wanted was lollipops and I wanted get some sugar free ones...I came across this site and found they had all kinds of sugar free candy and chocolate. Good Prices too!

Bernadette said...

Yay! for using notes :)

Have you ever checked out That's where I get gluten free recipes. I'm almost certain that they have a diabetic recipe collection too.

Glad his insulin is 'regular' now :)

Christy said...

That's great that he recongnized he needed a pump, my family diabete's is rampant, and have seen many of them fight their bodies ultimately, because they could hardly (or simply were not able to) stay on top of it. That's awesome that you can punch in the resturant and meal and it figures it all out. I'll be praying that this is a long term solution for him.