Friday, February 13, 2009

Still adding to the list

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My grandmother gave me a ring of hers that her daddy gave her when she graduated high school. It was a green, emerald gold ring. A few of the prongs had broken off and it was starting to come loose. I just kept it in my jewelry box because I didn't want to lose the stone.

Kent and my 1st wedding anniversary was approaching and he asked me what I wanted. My first thought was to the ring. I wanted to be able to wear it but didn't know how to go about getting it fixed or getting it reset.

Kent took it to the jewelers and they looked it over and inquired why he was getting it put into a pendant because it "wasn't real". Kent told them that it didn't matter if the stone was real it was what I wanted and it was what it meant to me and he wanted to give me what I wanted.

That may seem like a simple gesture but it has meant more to me over the years than anyone could realize. Little did we know at the time my grandmother would only live a few more months after that. Whenever I miss her and have her on my mind, I wear the necklace. It may not seem like much, but it's how I feel close to her.

Kent knew that even though the stone "wasn't real" that it was the memories of the stone that would make it priceless. Just another reason why I love him as much as I do.


Bridgett said...

He's so sweet.
Many guys don't understand that type of sentimental value.


Mc Allen said...

aww, that is really precious. what a wonderful story, thanks so much for sharing this!! ♥