Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 for 1

I was tagged to play this by Brandi. Here is what I am supposed to do. I'm supposed to list 5 things that make my life grand and then tag 5 other people.

1. I am saved. I know God and I know His Son. Which brings me a peace like no other. I can always know that no matter how bad my life seems to be that God is seeing me through. It's an amazing sense of peace.
2. I married my soulmate. No doubt about it. He puts up with my craziness, my mood swings, my rants and raves. He loves me for me. He thinks I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly. He supports me in all my endeavors and is my biggest fan. I am truly blessed to have him as my husband.
3. I have 3 wonderful children. They have made my life full. They are all healthy and well. They keep my days going and keep me going. They give hugs and kisses that no amount of money would equal to.
4. I'm thankful for making a few friends in school. It really does help in class to know I can lean over and ask, "What did he just say? or Can I look at your notes and see if I have everything?"
5. I'm thankful that my parents are still alive and together. I couldn't imagine either one of them not being here or having to split my time between the two of them.

I believe a lot of my "followers" have done this.. but if you haven't and want to.. do so and comment back to me that you did so I can check it out.
I got an award from Bridgett saying that I display good attitude/gratitude. So thank you, Bridgett(good thing you don't see me first thing in the mornings! (o;).

So here are the rules.
1. Post on your blog.
2. Link back to who gave you the award.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who display great attitude/gratitude.
4. Link to them on your blog.
5. Let them know you have awarded them by commenting on a post of theirs.

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What's In My Purse?

I got this idea over at Bridgett's. Man, I'm seriously pimping her blog tonight! ;o)

Question 1: Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids. I want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.
Question 2: I want to know how much it cost:) And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I’d love to hear it. Also, what's inside your purse?

My purse was free. It was a gift from my momma. She actually won it at a jewelry party and brought it over to show me. I loved it, she knew it, so she left it behind when she departed from my house. I love my momma. And I LOVE my purse. It's huge which comes in handy with 3 kids.

This is what my purse holds..

A New Testament Bible, sunglasses, glasses case, wallet, lip glosses, lip stick, daily planner, tons of pens/pencils/highlighters, eye drops, lotion, extra pair of socks because Nathan is forever pulling his off and losing them and a receipt for 70+ pictures that Wal-Mart lost and is now having to track down.

I won't tag anyone for this, but if you would like to do it.. then do it and let me know!


Bridgett said...

Haha! Pimp away! :)

I love your bag cute! And I'm like you, I love big purses. As a mom, they definitely come in handy.


Stephanie said...

Aww thank ya!

I love your purse!