Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gripe, Moan, Complain

Yeah, it's one of those..

Caffeine is from the devil. You crave it, drink it, realize you're better without it, give it up and then have days of withdrawals and the worst headaches.

Did I mention my whole body is stiff? Yeah.. having a 30 some odd pound little girl sleeping on you all night will do that. And then having a 30 some odd pound little boy get in the bed with you because a 20 some odd pound baby boy is crying.

And I have a sore throat. Don't know where that came from.. I hope no one else gets it because it hurts.

Yeah.. fun times.


Janis said...

OH--not a fun way to start the day. Hope you feel better soon. Any chance for a long, hot shower?

Stephanie said...


Just go drink some coffee. Lol.

Brandi said...

Poor Mommy (((hugs)))

Bridgett said...


Feel better.