Monday, February 23, 2009

I have no life..

Proof that I have no life.. or at least not an exciting life...

I cleaned out my closet this weekend. Got rid of junk we didn't need, reorganized things and moved Nathan's clothes out and into his closet. And now my closet looks huge. Every time I go in there I get excited at the neatness of it. Sad, no?
Not much going on here. I've been spring cleaning (yes, I know it's the middle of winter). I'm finally done with it and now I just need to get all my consignment stuff together and tagged and priced and all that fun (not) stuff.
Since Kent's been on his insulin pump we have really been having to watch what he eats and what I buy. So I went to the grocery store today to buy our bi-weekly loot of food and it usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to buy everything and get back home. Today, with having to read everything, it took me TWO HOURS. But I got everything and the supper I cooked tonight was good. I hope the rest of meals turn out well. I'm doing the "diet" or rather life style change with Kent. Hoping to lose my last 5 pounds.
Well, I must go. I'm sure my floors are dry so I can go put back all the chairs and rugs and things.

See? No life.


Stephanie said...

I get a lot of joy out of organized closets, too. And I like vacuuming. My favorite new thing is my Swiffer WetJet. No life here, either :-)

Bridgett said...

My bedroom is piled high with stuff set aside for a garage sale this spring. I have no other place to put any of it...some days I really wish for a garage.

And girl...I have no life either. Trust me. LOL

I empathize about the food and having to read labels. When I started Parker on the gluten/casein free diet, it literally took me weeks trying to find the perfect brands and then after I found them, none of our local stores carried them. It was a nightmare. Not to mention you have to know alternative names for gluten and casein. Like whey for instance. ::sigh::

Anyway, have a good week!

Karen said...

Good for you changing your eating habits! You'll loose that last 5 piunds in no time! I totally get a kick out of everything being neat and tidy, I just deep cleaned my kitchen and keep going in there because it smells so good!

Claire said...

WTG Emily, those 5 lbs will come off in no time! I've lost 15 in 6 weeks from JUST food changes!! My dad recently found out he's diabetic, got a "30 meals for Diabetics" cookbook & LOVES it. My dad is the "hearty italian food" type of guy so I was worried it wouldnt be easy but he LOVES the recipes, and he's lost SO much weight & looks SO healthy in just a matter of weeks! You guys will do great!!