Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It is indeed that time again. Time to see what I truly did not do this week as I continue my journey of motherhood. I'm glad that MckMama puts on this weekly carnival so that all parents can see that no one is perfect in their parenting. We all cut corners here and there and we all make mistakes as we try our best to do right by our kids.

Now on to what I certainly did not do this week...

While I was taking a shower one day this week Nathan was in my bedroom playing with some toys that I brought in there to entertain him. Apparently, they weren't entertaining enough so he decided to inspect all the drawers in the bathroom. Once bored with all of their contents he saw the cord to the hairdryer and must of thought it would be fun to play with. So he pulled it and down came the hairdryer and smacked him in the head. To which he screams. I did not peak out of the shower to see if there was blood and once seeing none return back to my shower to quickly get the shampoo/conditioner and soap rinsed off before getting out and checking on him. I would never make my baby boy wait like that, never.

I then didn't take a picture of his boo-boo and send it to his daddy and Poohba (granddaddy) to show off his newest bruise.

Friday when we were at DeSoto Caverns and were touring the cave, I did not tell Zoey that if she would quit talking that maybe she would see some bats. And then when she wouldn't quit talking and then inquired where all the bats were, I did not tell her that all the bats left because they wanted to get some sleep and couldn't because she was talking too much.

I did not have to retrieve a penny from Nathan's mouth Saturday afternoon, because he decided it would be a nice tasty snack. Yum.. nothing like copper or zinc or whatever they are made of to fill you up.

I did not just use google to see what pennies were made of.

I did not enjoying having my precious baby boy sleep on me yesterday afternoon because he rarely likes taking naps anywhere but his own bed.

I did not tell Jon Kent that if he made a basket in his basketball game that I would give him $5. I surely wouldn't endorse paying kids off to make points in any game. I'm all for being a team player.

So what did you not do this week? Don't be shy...

And while you are at it check out what others didn't do this week by checking out all of the other participants over at MckMama's Not me! Monday carnival.


Bridgett said...

Look at that big boo boo! He'll be proud of it one's a war wound. LOL

These were great, as always. :)

Christy said...

ROFL on all of it! I'd have done the same thing in the shower! LOL on the payoff btw! LOve it!!