Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I learned today

Mint chocolate brownies are gross. Paula Dean is a great cook but those brownies.. notsomuch.

I found another pro for moving to add to my pros and cons (rather Pop's cons) list.

  • When packing all our stuff up. A lot of the junk will be thrown away!

When I tell the kids "No!" they think "I'm mad". So today I told Zoey no about something and she says.. "Momma, why are you always mad?" So apparently.. I say no a lot. =X

I still don't know what to say in most social situations when people say nice things to me or about me. I still just smile and stumble over my words.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Brandi said...

NO! Cute!!

I wont be having any milk chocolate brownies for Christmas I guess. hehe

Karen said...

ew Mint chocolate brownies sound gross! I did however pick up some candy cane mint Oreo's that sounded gross but are actually quite yummy!

Bridgett said...

I think 'no' is a pretty common mommy word. LOL


Terri said...

I really like Paula Dean...but don't think i'll be trying out those

Hope you have a great night


Janis said...

Hmm I love mint chocolate brownies..maybe it was a bad recipe. Enjoyed your post--so many things I can relate too.