Friday, December 26, 2008

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan

All of you know Nathan has been giving me.. frustration in the sleep department for months now. Well.. that hasn't changed. He is still not sleeping well at night. Although in the last two nights I have gotten him to eat every 3 hours instead of every 2. Improvement, no?

Yesterday he had a really bad day. He was off his nap routine which made for a miserable day for him and for the only person he wants.. me. I told Kent that sometimes babies have a really bad couple of days before meeting a new milestone. And apparently that's what yesterday was..

Because Nathan has since stood alone, starting feeding himself and actually eating other foods (happily!!!) and now does patty cake. Can you believe it? All in one day! He was a totally different baby today than he was yesterday. He took 2 great naps. Was just a pleasant baby all day.

I have a video of him feeding himself. In the video he wasn't doing what he was just a few minutes before.. and that was grabbing at the puffs and growling, grunting and shoving them in him mouth like he hadn't eaten in months. It was funny. But you still get a general idea in the video.


In other happenings.. our house has been "unChristmasfied". As has my blog. I don't know. Once Christmas is over I'm done with the decorations too. Before Christmas all the decorations make everything seem cheery and homey and cozy. December 26th comes and it all just looks like clutter. It's amazing what a day can do..


Kristine said...

Aww, WTG, Nathan! I totally feel you. M will be a year old in one week and still nurses every three hours. I'm too lazy to fight it, lol. Hope more sleep is in your future :-D

Brandi said...

Nathan is such a cutie :) I hope you get some rest soon (((hugs)))

Bridgett said...

He's so adorable.

And what a big boy he is!