Sunday, December 14, 2008

She did what?

Good gracious...

So, I'm back from Kent's work's Christmas party. Yeah, it's 11:15pm.. I left early... Had to get home to the kids. Kent is still there since he is the president of the employee's club. He has to stay until the last drunk leaves.

So.. speaking of drunks.

I don't drink. Never have. I just never had a desire to and just don't see the appeal of it. Anyway, everyone at the party was drinking minus.. probably 2% of the rest of us. I was talking to one of the other officers' wife and she told me that another officer's wife was 3 sheets to the wind drunk.. then she said no.. she's 6 sheets to the wind drunk. I asked what happened. (I knew who she was talking about and let's just say..... this woman likes her alcohol and likes to make a scene) She said that "Jane" (I'll call her) went up to another guy and said, "I don't have any panties on." The other guy (not her husband) said, "Oh really?" She says, "Yeah.. see!" And lifts her dress to reveal.. TaDa!!! Yeah.. so I told Kent if I see her anywhere near him or even hear that she was anywhere near him I was kicking her face in...

There is just no reason for that. No reason. That's why I don't drink. You have no control over yourself and I know I don't need to be the prison's gossip come Monday morning. The emails will be flying about her for the rest of next week!


Bridgett said...

Oh my. LOL
She's going to be mortified when she sobers up...if she even remembers. Although I'm sure she'll be reminded soon enough.

I used to drink in my younger days. The last few years not at all. I just don't have a taste for it anymore.

The most you'll see me drinking (and it's been over a year since I've touched anything), is an occasional glass of wine or a wine cooler.

Glad you got to go to the party though.

SCM said...

Good grief. I was never a partier in high school and that didn't change once I turned 21. I hate it when people lose control of themselves. I don't get the appeal either. I only drink occasionally and I know my limits. I enjoy being responsible. Lol.

Terri said...

I am a social drinker...I like a few drinks every now and then...and even when I do get drunk...I don't act like that...people can say they don't know what they are doing but thats BS...unless you drink enough to passout..then you might not remember some things...but that is just way out of line...I agree...and I would have been thinking the same thing if she had came around my husband! UGH!


TnL's Mommy said...

I am like you, I don't have and never had the desire to drink. I don't even find the enjoyment of being around a bunch of people that are drinking so kudos to you for being there!! Way to support your husband!! I hope you got to have some what of a nice time while being there as it is nice to get away from our children from time to time.

Brandi said...

I didn't drink till I was 21. : x

I've only made an ass out of myself once and it wasn't even that bad! Either way, I don't drink but once in a blue moon. I would have kicked her too!


Christy said...

That is rediculous. There's one thing in having a drink here and there, and another in getting drunk and acting like a complete idiot.

Brandi said...

::::jawdrop:::: it's crazy how some people have no self respect. We were at Jason's company Christmas party on Sat night and one of the female officers was going around talking and people were asking her where her husband was and she said at home with our son because we couldn't find a sitter well fast forward to 2 hours later and some drinks she was on the dance floor with a single male officer they were dirty dancing and sucking face. Yeah they are the talk of our prison right now :P